‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Recalls Filming an Episode at a Theme Park

While taking a stroll down memory lane, “The Brady Bunch” star Barry Williams recalls filming one of the episodes of the classic TV sitcom at a theme park.

While speaking to The Enquirer, Barry Williams reflected on the time he and the rest of “The Brady Bunch” cast filmed an episode at Kings Island near Cincinnati, Ohio. “It was a new trip to a new town and an amusement park, so there was no downside to that. Kings Island was really just beginning, and there were plenty of things to do.”

Barry Williams also said that he and “The Brady Bunch” cast received a lot of attention during that time due to the show’s popularity. “We didn’t close the park, just set up where we needed to be. The nature of the episode was a travelogue for the park, so we were doing everything: the rides, the food, walking around and we got a bit of the backstage experience. It was a lot of fun.”

Barry Williams also recalled an incident involving King’s Island’s rollercoaster, The Racer. The actor said that “The Brady Bunch” co-star Robert Reed didn’t like rollercoasters and refused to go on The Racer. “The camera was mounted to the front of the coaster, and we were to be sitting in front of the camera. The crew decided to let it run a course before they put people in, and it came back without a camera. It was expensive for the crew, but Reed was happy he didn’t have to ride it.”

Barry Williams Reveals How the Legacy of King’s Island & ‘The Brady Bunch’ Intertwine

In regards to King’s Island’s 50th anniversary and what it means to him, Barry Williams said that many of the legacies of “The Brady Bunch” and the amusement park are intertwining. “It was toward the beginning of a career for us and for the show, which has created new memories and multigenerational levels for TV fans, just as Kings Island provides the same multigenerational meaning for families. There’s an intersection there that connects, and there’s great loyalty from park-goers.”

Barry Williams points out that he is the narrator of “Fun, Fireworks, and Fifty – A Kings Island Nighttime Speculator.”

He will be part of the audience on Saturday (May 28th). “I’m inviting people to come, to talk about what the park means for families and what the park is really about. This promises to be quite the spectacular, and as a part of that, I’m very happy and pleased and proud to be there.”

Although he remembers the episode involving Kings Island fondly, Barry Willaims reveals which episode is his all-time favorite. “I’m probably the biggest fan of the first episode, where Mom and Dad get married and we become a family. As actors, we were also getting to know each other, so it had an authenticity to it.”

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