Laurel and Hardy

The Crochet Corner make coronation scarves for Laurel and Hardy

THE THEFT of a pair of crocheted scares has devastated the crafter.

Joey Hannah from the Crochet Corner crocheted two scarves for the Laurel and Hardy statues in Ulverston.

The scarves were attached to the statues yesterday evening with cable ties around 6pm.

Joey said she made the scarves especially for the coronation weekend and is ‘so sad’ they have been stolen.

She said she couldn’t imagine why someone would take the scarves which were to add a bit of brightness to the area.

“It’s a lot of time and effort to crochet, there’s not a fast way to do it. For both scarves, I spent countless hours on them. There are colour changes on every row which takes time.

“It’s just so sad, why would people would take something like that which was arranged for a once-in-a-lifetime event and brings a lot of happiness to people.

“Laurel was from Ulverston and they are the epitome of Ulverston heritage.

“It felt so special and I felt really happy to do that,” she said.

Joey added: “It would be wonderful if someone found them and contacted me to get them back where they belong.

“It doesn’t put me off crafting or crochet, the benefit of yarn work goes beyond the finished product, as much as the finished product is satisfying.

“The positive side of craft doesn’t stop when the project ends, the happiness of making it doesn’t go away.

“It’s about the social creation and how it makes you feel,” Joey said.

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