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The D&D Moral Alignments Of The Sopranos Characters

Morality in The Sopranos is an interesting thing to explore -- so what better way to do that than to determine the characters' D&D moral alignments?

It is hard to believe that there was once a show on HBO that captured fans’ imaginations long before Game of Thrones became the must-watch drama of the decade. The Sopranos was a six-season bloody masterpiece that gave fans a good look into the everyday life of a mob boss. Turns out, the only place a feared mob boss isn’t respected is in his own house.

In fact, that was kind of what made the whole series interesting was the flamboyant personalities that clashed in almost every scene. Let’s take an in-depth view of just where these personalities match up in the world of D&D.

Tony Soprano: Lawful Evil

Tony follows a specific code of honor that many might feel is a little hypocritical, especially in his line of work. He respects those who are loyal to him and others. Though, he also expects this loyalty not because he is deserving of it but because he believes people should fear him enough not to go against him in any way. While Tony breaks the law in his line of work, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect the normalcy that laws provide. Tradition among Tony and his gangster family is extremely important to them.

Jennifer Melfi

Even though, Jennifer Melfi is a trained psychiatrist she has this odd repulsion and attraction to Tony Soprano, a mentally ill man who constantly tries to destroy the order she helps him create. Melfi is indifferent to Tony’s crimes and doesn’t feel that it is her business to judge the man. She sort of goes out of her way to justify his behavior as a means of rationalizing her romantic feelings towards him. In the end, her love for Tony helps her understand that she can’t save him from who he is.

Corrado John Soprano Jr: Neutral Evil

Corrado in The Sopranos

As someone who never married, he is very close to his nephew Tony. And after Tony’s father passed away, Corrado became the only father-figure in his life. Corrado is a man obsessed with the old ways. He has little respect for how gangsters behave nowadays, believing himself above them since he holds to a specific code of conduct. A code of no snitching and respect for those in authority positions.Corrado has a dark side about him, a side that doesn’t think twice about murder and one where jealousy overrules his judgment.

Silvio Dante: Chaotic Good

Like Tony, Silvio doesn’t know what it’s like to live outside of the gangster lifestyle. Like many mobsters, he is passionate about his heritage but in his eyes, his heritage isn’t the place from which his family came from, it is the mob itself. It is what was born and bred in him and his father before him. In a world full of bad men, Silvio isn’t the worst of the bunch. While he isn’t afraid of trouble and gladly accepts it when it comes, he would prefer to laugh and have a good time rather than murder.

Paulie Gualtieri: Chaotic Evil

Paulie is similar to Silvio in that he is always seen cracking jokes and having a good time but what is hidden beneath the smile is a personality that is quite frightening. At the drop of a hat, Paulie could lose his cool causing someone to lose their life. He doesn’t show emotion for the bad things he does, instead, he just halfway justifies his actions but not out of remorse of the terrible sin he just committed. His temper gives him the reputation of a loose cannon. Poor judgment with his behavior can often make him a liability.

Ralph Cifaretto: Chaotic Evil

Ralph isn’t much different than Paulie in that he has a distinct taste for watching the world burn. However, unlike Paulie, Ralph takes great pleasure in watching the suffering of others. In fact, he dreams of torturing even those he cares about to the point of death. This pronounced sickness makes him unpredictable and a threat to anyone he comes in contact with.

All he has to do is take a person’s comment as a slight, instantly resulting in him unleashing his full wrath on that person. Even their innocent families are not spared.

Livia Soprano: Neutral Evil

With a mother like Livia, it is no wonder that Tony Soprano became a sociopath that terrorizes those he comes in contact with. Livia has few limits as unlike some of the mobsters, she doesn’t hold to a specific code. Instead, she acts on a whim, violently seeking revenge for even the smallest act or comment she deems against her. Family means nothing to Livia, as she is one of the few characters that has put out a hit on her own son. No matter how evil she has acted, she always considers herself a victim.

Carmela Soprano: Neutral

Carmela in The Sopranos

Carmela isn’t a sociopath like her husband Tony. She doesn’t wish harm on her enemies or her friends. In fact, the only thing she truly cares about is her family. She is clearly in the undecided category as she might hate where her money comes from but that doesn’t mean she will stop spending it. In her view, the only way for survival and happiness is to live in a bubble and not ask questions about things she might not want answers to. Tony never seems to live up to Carmela’s high expectations that she sets for him.

Christopher Moltisanti: Chaotic Neutral

Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos

Christopher is a wannabe gangster. He enjoys the glamorous lifestyle that this life presents but isn’t always willing to do the dirty work that helps him get recognized by those at the top. Even though he feels rejected by the top brass it never inspires him to be different, instead, he would rather wallow in his own self-pity.

This victim mentality has only exacerbated his drug addiction. Rarely does he function properly because of this addiction, sometimes resulting in his Uncle Tony having to step in and fix the situation that Christopher has made a mess of.

Salvatore Bonpensiero: Neutral Good

Salvatore isn’t your normal mob soldier. He isn’t a psychopath but isn’t afraid to do whatever Tony tells him to do, no matter how violent the job may be. Salvatore has a good nature about him and is well-liked by his friends. He is a family man who starts a heroin business on the side to support his children through college. When it comes to family, he is willing to risk all, if it means he can keep them in the life of luxury they expect to be in. Salvatore is dangerous because of his desperation.

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