The Mandalorian Becomes A Classic Star Wars Action Figure in New Art

A Star Wars cover is giving the Mandalorian a classic action figure. The series' first issue will feature a variant cover based on the Kenner toys.

A new Star Wars cover is giving the Mandalorian his own classic action figure. Din Djarin’s first issue of his upcoming series will feature a variant cover based on the original Kenner toys.

Star Wars’ first line of action figures through Kenner have become an iconic part of the franchise’s history, prompting a modern day vintage line of figures based on the distinct designs. The Mandalorian has been among the characters imagined in the vintage style. Now, the same design has been utilized in an upcoming variant cover.

As unveiled by StarWars.com, the Star Wars: The Mandalorian #1 kicks off the titular bounty hunter’s new series, and Din Djarin is appearing as a Kenner action figure on a variant cover, illustrated by John Tyler Christopher. The issue is written by Rodney Barnes with art by Georges Jeanty and a cover by Adi Granov. The debut chapter also features variants by David Aja, Declan Shalvey, Leinil Francis You, and Phil Jimenez. The Kenner figure variant is fitting as The Mandalorian is a throwback to another era in Star Wars, incorporating many of George Lucas’ influences, ranging from westerns to Akira Kurosawa’s work. His Kenner design even features the same vinyl cape worn by the original figures of Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader.

The first issue of The Mandalorian seems to be incorporating the first season of the Disney+ series in its storyline. As inferred by the variant cover’s look for Din Djarin, the brown suit that he wears comes from the beginning of the series. The synopsis for the issue also teases the first meeting between Grogu and the Mandalorian, which audiences saw briefly on screen at the end of the debut episode. Based on the preview from StarWars.com, the issue seems to be acting as an uncut, extended version of the pilot, expanding on the final moment which united Grogu and the bounty hunter.

As Lucasfilm celebrates their 50th anniversary, throwback variant covers like this one are a fun reminder of the studio’s beginnings. New characters framed as vintage figures help fans recognize how far the franchise has come. The concept attributed to other characters from the prequel and sequel eras would serve as a great way to celebrate 50 years across multiple titles. Scenes from The Mandalorian had already appeared as variant covers commemorating the studio’s birthday for Star Wars: Darth Vader #20 and Bounty Hunters #21. The Mandalorian #1 is set to release in June.

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