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The Many Saints Of Newark: 10 Things We Learned From The Sopranos Prequel’s Trailer

The Many Saints Of Newark trailer is out and it gives plenty of hints of what's to come in the prequel film to The Sopranos.

It’s exactly 14 years after the series finale of The Sopranos aired and fans of the HBO show are about to explore New Jersey’s underworld again through the prequel movie The Many Saints Of Newark. The first trailer teases the return of younger versions of fan-favorite characters such as Tony Soprano, Uncle Junior, Paulie, Big Pussy, and Silvio.

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There are also several hints scattered all over the trailer, showing what the movie will be all about. Tony is not yet the badass mobster he’s known to be. He’s still a kid and under someone’s wing. Judging from the trailer, fans can expect a lot more action too, something the series ventured into sparingly.

Dickie Moltisanti Is The Star Of The Story

Many Saints of Newark Sopranos Family Header

Fans expected a young Tony Soprano to be the main man of the prequel, but according to the trailer, Christopher’s father Richard “Dickie” Moltisanti, who got killed by one of the most crooked law enforcement officers in The Sopranos, is the star. Dickie alternates between mentoring a young Tony and causing trouble all over Newark. Tony adores him very much too.

It’s a bold move for the prequel to explore Dickie’s story, given that he was only mentioned a few times in the original series. The assumption was that Tony was mentored by his father Johnny Boy Soprano but it’s now clear why Tony loved Christopher so much. He was repaying the favor that Christopher’s father gave to me.

The Same Old Livia

Livia is summoned b Tony Soprano's guidance counsellor in Many Saints Of Newark

In another scene from the trailer, Tony’s mother Livia is summoned by the school’s guidance counselor who informs her that Tony has a very high IQ. The only problem is that he doesn’t apply himself. Livia is skeptical about the “High IQ” part because her son has never managed a grade better than D+. She even scoffs when the guidance counselor claims Tony can make a good leader.

Livia has never been fond of Tony and her reaction is in line with her personality. The HBO series hinted at Livia being a cruel mother even when Tony and Janice were young and the trailer proves just that. It’s the lack of support and encouragement from his mother that makes Tony hate her so much.

The DiMeo Crime Family Has Different Enemies

Members of the DiMeo Crime Family's rival gang in The Many Saints Of Newark

The DiMeo Crime Family has been around for about six decades and during that time, it was at war with various rival factions. While the Lupertazzi Crime Family is the source of headaches in The Sopranos, it’s an unnamed Black gang headed by Harold McBrayer, that’s in a turf war with the prominent New Jersey organized crime outfit in The Many Saints Of Newark.

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Once again, there is more proof of the DiMeo Crime Family’s dominance. It won the New Jersey versus New York war and considering how future events play out, it definitely won this deadly ’70s war too. Gang wars are a common occurrence in the underworld, with the winners varying, but in the world of The Sopranos, only one outfit has the bragging rights.

Holstens And Satriale’s Pork Store Have Been Around For A While

An exterior view of Sopranos location, the Satriale's pork store

Holstens and Satriale’s Pork Store feature briefly on the trailer. It is at Holstens that Tony had his last supper and allegedly got whacked. There are several clues in the show to prove that Tony did indeed die. As for Satriale’s, it’s where Tony hangs out with fellow mobsters. It is also at Satriale’s that FBI agent Dwight Harris and Tony formed their friendship.

The inclusion of these locations confirms the fact that mob habits and routines never change. Just as mobsters will adhere to the same rules for years, they will visit the same locations again and again too. As for Satriale’s Pork Store, it’s a way to explore Johnny Boy’s character further since he is said to have taken it from a person who couldn’t pay a debt.

Tony’s Temper Is At Its Peak

Michael Gandolfini as young Tony Soprano in Many Saints of Newark

Tony Soprano thrives in anger. He lashes out at people over little things and even gets violent on a regular basis. Tony didn’t suddenly become temperamental during adulthood. The first few minutes of the trailer show a teenage Tony beating up another kid who interrupted him while he was making a phone call.

Though Tony’s temper gets the better of him, it has never led him to decisions that he actually regretted. Even during the deadly war with Phil Leotardo, he never acts out of emotions. Dr. Melf is the person to thank for Tony’s improved sense of control. Though Tony’s temper never gets eradicated, it gradually reduces as he gets older.

Tony Wanted To Stay In School

Dickie Moltisanti offers Tony Soprano stolen speakers as a gift in The Many Saints Of Newark

Becoming a gangster wasn’t Tony’s only mission in life. He was keen on school and this is evident when he refuses to take Dickie’s stolen speakers. He argues that if he gets caught, it’ll ruin his chances of going to college. Dickie encourages him to take the speakers by also making him vow that he’ll never steal again.

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Tony does indeed drop out of school later in life but his new path in life isn’t a regrettable one for him. Fans now understand that he almost opted out but Dickie kept pushing him into organized crime. After taking those speakers, there is no turning back. He’ll want more hence he’ll have to become a full-time criminal.

Ray Liotta’s Mysterious Character Loves Tony

Ray Liotta Hannibal Krendler

Ray Liotta was one of the actors who almost played Tony Soprano. Here, he is an unnamed mobster in prison and he doesn’t want Dickie anywhere near Tony. He’s realized that Dickie is a bad influence.

Keeping the identity of Liotta’s character a secret has helped in triggering anticipation for the Warner Bros movie. He is someone close to Tony but who exactly is he? He might also be tied to Dickie’s eventual death since it was once stated in the series that Dickie was killed because of someone he murdered in prison.

Silvio Has The Patsy Role

Silvio as an accountant during the '70s in The Many Saint Of Newark

Silvio is one of the smartest DiMeo Crime Family members. The badass and fashion-savvy Consigliere isn’t new to organized crime as the trailer shows him counting cash, hinting that he might have been the accountant ages ago. This is the work done by Patsy Parisi in the series as he is constantly overlooked when it’s time for promotions.

A mob accountant an important job since one has to be a very honest and loyal member of the family to get it. Silvio exhibits these qualities and many more. On the show, his loyalty never wavers, even when inner-circle members like Paulie question Tony’s leadership skills. The scene also brings viewers to the realization that Patsy would have amounted to much more if only he was bolder. For example, he never whacks a single person.

Junior’s Relationship With Tony Is The Same

A young Junior offers to talk to Tony in The Many Saints Of Newark

Junior makes an appearance too, first, while driving a car (one of his favorite things to do), and second, he is telling Livia that he’s going to talk to Tony. Livia tells him that Tony would never listen to him.

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The fact that Tony dislikes Junior isn’t a shocker to fans since there is hardly a moment on the show when the two look like they’ll have a father-son relationship. Junior’s hatred towards Tony might also be linked to the youngster’s past behavior. Junior felt bad about Tony never recognized him as an uncle worthy of giving advice.

Tony Has A Crew

Tony Soprano with one of his fellow aspiring mobsters in The Many Saints Of Newark

While Tony is not yet a “made guy” during the events of the movie, he is ambitious enough to have his own unauthorized crew. Together with his fellow aspiring mobsters, he is seen beating up a man.

Aspiring mobsters have to show initiative and Tony does just that. It’s a trait that helps him ascend quickly. He doesn’t sit back and wait for positions to be handed down to him simply because his father and uncle are important members of the family. If he’s to achieve anything, he prefers to do it using his own playbook.

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