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The Many Saints of Newark 2 News & Updates: Everything We Know

The Sopranos prequel movie, The Many Saints of Newark, might be getting a sequel, and here's everything you need to know about it.

The Sopranos continues to be one of the most talked-about TV series even though it came to an end many years ago, and it’s regaining strength as the release date of the prequel movie, The Many Saints of Newark, approaches. Talks about a sequel have already begun, and here’s what you need to know about The Many Saints of Newark 2. Created by David Chase, The Sopranos made its debut on HBO in 1999 and came to an end in 2007 after six seasons. The series was a big success and received a lot of praise from viewers and critics throughout its whole run, and continues to be regarded as one of the greatest TV series of all time.

Set in New Jersey and New York City between 1998 and 2007, The Sopranos followed Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), an Italian-American mobster trying to balance his family life and his role as boss of the Soprano family. Of course, this is a lot easier said than done, and Tony soon found himself at odds with his uncle Junior (Dominic Chianese), his wife Carmela (Edie Falco), the Lupertazzi family, and other members of the Soprano family. The impact of The Sopranos was such that three companion books were published during the series’ run, a video game was released in 2006, and different podcasts have emerged hosted by cast members, but the biggest project to come from the main series is the prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark.

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The project was announced in 2018 as New Line Cinema purchased the film, and principal photography began in April 2019. The Many Saints of Newark will take the audience back to the 1960s and 1970s, with the 1967 Newark riots as a backdrop, to explore the backstory of young Tony Soprano (Michael Gandolfini). Although The Many Saints of Newark will be released on October 1, 2021, director Alan Taylor has teased David Chase is planning a sequel to the movie, and here’s what you need to know about a potential The Many Saints of Newark 2.

Will Many Saints of Newark 2 Happen?

The Many Saints of Newark

Speaking to THR, Alan Taylor shared David Chase might be thinking of a sequel to The Many Saints of Newark, explaining he said “something that sounded like he was talking about [making more content]”, and when he asked him about a sequel, he simply replied “maybe”. Like with most projects, a sequel to The Many Saints of Newark will depend on how well received the first movie is and its box office numbers, which will be tricky as it will have a simultaneous release in theaters and HBO Max, but based on the audience’s interest, it wouldn’t be surprising if The Many Saints of Newark 2 is greenlit.

Many Saints of Newark 2 Release Date

Members of the DiMeo Crime Family's rival gang in The Many Saints Of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark came across various obstacles due to the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the studio to delay its release from September 2020 to March 2021, September 2021, and finally October 2021. With this in mind, and supposing the pandemic doesn’t force the studio to put production of The Many Saints of Newark 2 on hold, the movie could see the light sometime in 2023.

Many Saints of Newark 2 Cast

Tony and Livia speak in the school in The Many Saints of Newark

As this is all about the younger years of Tony Soprano, The Many Saints of Newark would have to have Michael Gandolfini back to play the legendary gangster, along with Vera Farmiga as his mother Livia Soprano, and other characters known to make it to The Sopranos timeline, such as Silvio Dante (played in The Many Saints of Newark by John Magaro), Giovanni “Johnny Boy” Soprano (Jon Bernthal), Corrado “Junior” Soprano Jr (Corey Stoll), and Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri (Billy Magnussen).

Many Saints of Newark 2 Story Details

The Sopranos

Like many other details about The Many Saints of Newark 2, its story would depend on what the first movie covers and how it ends, as many characters surely won’t make it to the end. Of course, one movie won’t be enough to explore the backstory of Tony Soprano and how he became the powerful mob boss everyone knows so well, so The Many Saints of Newark 2 would have to continue telling that part of his journey, along with the dynamics with his family and other crime families.

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