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‘The Nanny’: Daniel Davis Didn’t Like How His Storyline Played Out

The cast of The Nanny reunited for a table read during the Coronavirus quarantine, and they were just as funny as ever. The quirky show was a runaway success in the 1990s, despite its somewhat odd dynamics. When fans last left the formerly single Maxwell Sheffield, Fran Fine, C.C. Babcock, and Niles they were happily coupled. One actor, however, didn’t care for how his story ended.

Fans were shocked when Niles and C.C. ended up together

Niles and C.C. literally could not stand to be around each other for the majority of the show. The duo’s chemistry brought something special to series, but their chemistry didn’t seem to lend itself well to romance. The pair were archnemesis until the show’s final season when they started up a romance.

The romantic connection between C.C. and Niles wasn’t a slow build over several years, like Fran and Max’s love affair. They duo insulted each other before it finally exploded in a passionate kiss scene, which was a twist most people didn’t see coming. Next thing fans knew, the series ended with C.C. and Niles setting off on a life together. It all felt a little forced and artificial to fans, and they aren’t the only ones who felt that way.

Daniel Davis has made it clear that he never bought into his final story arc

Daniel Davis, who portrayed Niles the butler for the entirety of the series, didn’t care for the storyline, either. Davis sat down with in 2016 to discuss the show that made him famous. He noted that he enjoyed his time on the series, and loved the way the show progressed, but that he was never able to buy into the concept of Niles and C.C. together.

The cast of 'The Nanny'
Daniel Davis, Fran Drescher, Charles Shaugnessy, Lauren Lane. | CBS via Getty Images

He told the publication, “ C.C and I had been so oil and water – I didn’t buy that we would end up married. But I had to play it, because that’s what they wrote… I don’t think I’ve ever expressed that to anyone before!” Davis mused that the only reason to put the former arch-rivals together was for the purpose of a spin-off, but that never materialized.

Fran Drescher would be open to a reboot, but only if the final season never happened

Fran Drescher, who portrayed the nasally Fran Fine on the series, has said that she’s open to the idea of rebooting the series, but she has a few conditions. First, Drescher said she’d like to act as if the final season never happened. In the last season, Fran and Max, as well as Niles and C.C., get romantic. She’s long suggested marrying Max, and Fran is what led to the show’s cancellation.

Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield get married in 'The Nanny'
Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield get married in ‘The Nanny’ | CBS via Getty Images

In a Facebook Live interview, Drescher reported that she was forced to have Max and Fran walk down the aisle; network executives demanded it. She has long believed it was the final straw for the series. Drescher has proclaimed that fans tuned out the moment Max and Fran finally figured out their relationship.

A reboot, she insists, would need to disregard the final season of the series altogether. As crazy as that sounds, it’s been done before. Amy Sherman-Palladino threw out the entire seventh season of Gilmore Girls when she was writing Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life for Netflix.

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