The Office: 10 Favorite Storylines, According To Reddit

Few shows have earned as many devoted fans as The Office. The misadventures at Dunder Mifflin have inspired fans to revisit the series again and again while reliving their favorite moments. And with a nine-season run, The Office has so many unforgettable storylines that fans love.

Some of the favorites show the heart-warming relationships of the series. Others delve into the emotional moments. Many highlight the hilarious humor that made it such a wonderful show to return to. And every fan of The Office has their own choice for their personal favorite storyline.


The Dundies

One of the most popular episodes among Reddit users was “The Dundies” with user saute listing it as the best overall episode of the show. The episode’s popularity was evident within the show itself as Dundies became a recurring joke over the years.

The award show even made its triumphant return in “Michael’s Last Dundies.” It’s not hard to see the appeal as the award show puts Michael front and center while highlighting the other office characters.


Jim And Dwight’s Party Planning Committee

Jim and Dwight made for great antagonists over the series. However, it was also fun to see these two forced together in certain situations. Such was the case when the Party Planning Committee was dismantled due to infighting and Dwight and Jim were put in charge.

Though the storyline was not featured very heavily in the show, Reddit user solom112 pointed to it as a favorite. Along with enjoying seeing these two enemies working together, they feel “that back and forth is so good.”


Michael Scarn

It seems like there is just about anything that Michael Scott is willing to do other than work. He has multiple hobbies ranging from writing his own novel to restaurant ideas. But one of the best extended storylines involves a screenplay Michael writes about secret agent Michael Scarn.

After being introduced early on, it was hinted at various times throughout the series until the episode “Threat Level Midnight” brought the movie to life. Reddit user supershermanator called the episode “a treat to the hardcore fans of the show” after so much build-up.


Michael’s Financial Woes

As much as Michael Scott can be lovable at times, he is also a character who is fun to see get stuck in difficult situations. One of the funniest is when he is shown having his own money problems.

While financial struggles are something a lot of people can likely relate to, it is somehow hilarious when Michael deals with it in his own oblivious ways. As Reddit user bourom points out, it culminates in the moment Michael declares bankruptcy by literally shouting it out loud.


Jim And Pam’s Marriage

Jim and Pam are among the most beloved television couple of all time. Fans loved seeing these two characters fall in love and build a life together over the course of the series. However, Reddit user Dargon34 points to their marriage struggles as one of the show’s best storylines.

This is a fairly unpopular opinion among fans of The Office, but Dargon34 insists the uncomfortable nature of this storyline is what makes it great. Seeing this ideal couple deal with uncertainty, counseling, and various problems made for “a very flawed, very real situation.”


Charles Miner Joining The Office

While the core cast of The Office is the main reason fans love the show, there have also been some terrific new characters who have popped in at times. One of the most memorable was Idris Elba’s role as Charles Miner, the new boss who butts heads with Michael.

Reddit user bdt13334 pointed to Elba’s guest role as one of the reasons season 5 is their favorite in the show’s run. They specifically highlight the fact that Charles “showed a nearly opposite version of Michael’s management” that added great conflict.



Despite lasting for nine seasons, The Office was set in a business that was becoming increasingly outdated in the modern world. As everything moved to digital, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company was increasing in jeopardy.

The uncertainty of the business created some fun tension in the early seasons. Reddit user Obelisp points to the extended downsizing storyline as their favorite of the series which saw the threat of the branch closing hanging over many episodes in season 2.


Michael Scott Paper Company

Michael Scott may be a bit incompetent at times, but it is still fun to cheer for him to succeed. Following his falling out with Charles Miner, Michael leaves Dunder Mifflin along with Pam and Ryan to start the rival company, Michael Scott Paper Company.

The arc lasts only a few episodes, but one Reddit user named it as their favorite storyline. While it is filled with the fun Michael Scott hijinks, it is also very rewarding to see Michael prove himself in ways he hadn’t before.


Michael And Jan’s Relationship

The relationship between Michael and Jan started early in the series and went through a lot of different phases. But it was when they became an official couple and some of Jan’s more unsettling traits showed themselves that things got really funny.

Reddit user bobcottle highlights this uncomfortable relationship as one of the best storylines in the show. They specifically mention that builds until “culminating in Dinner Party” widely regarded as one of the show’s funniest episodes.


Michael Leaving

It seems to be a general consensus among fans that The Office was never quite the same after Steve Carell left. Though the ensemble of the series was always entertaining, Michael Scott’s absence did not go unnoticed.

However, despite what followed, Michael’s departure was a favorite storyline for Reddit user BasedTunechi. They pointed out the “raw emotion of seeing Michael have to leave and his interactions with the rest of the cast which is probably somewhat real” make it an unforgettable story in the show.

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