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The Sopranos: 10 Best Quotes From Side Characters

The main characters in The Sopranos drop incredible lines in just about every episode but the side characters aren't left out either.

Every fan of The Sopranos has something they like best about it. For some, it’s the detailed plot while for others, it’s the mannerisms of the characters. Others enjoy the spontaneous moments of violence too. And of course, there are those that are specifically intrigued by how brilliantly the dialogue switches from melancholy to humor.

While most of the credit for the magnificent conversations goes to the main characters, the side characters do come up with incredible remarks too from time to time. Plenty of amazing lines are sprinkled all over the critically acclaimed show but a few do stand out more than the rest.

When Hugh Disagrees With Mary About Giving Livia A Beautiful Eulogy

“Who Do You Think You Are? Minister Of Propaganda?”

Hugh and Mary argue at Livia's funeral in The Sopranos

Carmela’s father Hugh isn’t impressed when his wife Mary insists on praising Livia at her funeral. He labels her a promoter of propaganda before reminding everyone that Livia was a solipsistic and vexing woman.

Though Hugh doesn’t show up often, he always lights up the scenes he appears in. Apart from spending most of his time reminding everyone how he obliterated enemies while stationed in Nova Scotia, he prefers to deliver doses of truth. It’s indeed a fact that Livia was a sadist and narcissist who had no problem ordering a hit on his own son.

When Little Carmine Reminds Tony How Much Trouble He Is For Beating Up Coco

“You’re At The Precipice Of An Enormous Crossroad.”

Little Carmine warns Tony of a war in The Sopranos

Little Carmine can’t help but feel sorry for Tony when he learns that he assaulted Coco, one of the Lupertazzi crime family members, inside a diner. He figures this will escalate the war between the New York and New Jersey mafia.

Carmine earns one of the most interesting Sopranos nicknames, Brainless The Second because he is considered dumb but he is actually quite philosophical. The son of Lupertazzi Sr. is shown to be a great analyzer of situations too. He knows Tony was right to assault Coco since Coco intimidated his daughter but he is also aware that Lupertazzi’s boss, Phil Leotardo, won’t see things that way.

Whenever Feech Wants To Tell A Story About The Good Old Times

“In My Day…”

Feech plays cards at the Bada Bing in The Sopranos

Feech La Manna proves to be a nuisance when he is paroled. He is revealed to be a member of the original Cosa Nostra from Sicily, something he is very proud of. He thus spends every minute reminding everyone how things were better in the good old days.

Being a free man turns out to not be as fun as Feech hoped because everything appears to have changed so much, He, therefore, can’t help but reminisce about the days when mobsters were a lot tougher. Unfortunately for him, none of the new-age mobsters are interested in hearing his tales. They even conspire to have him jailed again.

When Patsy Parisi Threatens Tony’s Mistress

“Here’s Some Standard Operating Procedure… “

Patsy threatens Gloria in The Sopranos

Tony becomes concerned when his mistress Gloria Trillo threatens to tell Carmela about their affair. He sends Patsy to threaten her and when she still proves stubborn, he pulls out a gun and lets her know how things are going to be moving forward.

Gloria Trillo ranks high among Tony Soprano’s mistresses because she takes him to both extremes of pleasure and fear. She doesn’t see a life without him so she turns to somewhat of a horror villain, pulling off life-threatening stunts and getting too close to his wife. Luckily for Tony, Patsy knows just how to take care of the situation.

When Rosalie Spots Eavesdroppers

“Eat Your Manicotti!”

As Angie, Carmela, and Rosalie are discussing Big Pussy’s return inside a restaurant, Rosalie realizes that the women at the next table are eavesdropping. Unimpressed, the barks at them, ordering them to focus on their food.

Moments like these are what make Rosalie one of the most likable mob wives in The Sopranos. She is never afraid to call anyone out for bad behavior. Moreover, she better at keeping mob secrets. Unlike Carmela and Angie, she makes sure to look around first before gossiping about the DiMeo crime family.

When Butch Allows Tony To Order A Hit On Phil

“You Do What You Gotta Do!”

Phil Leotardo’s subordinates become disgruntled when the war between the Lupertazzi and DiMeo crime families gets too bloody. His second in command, Butch “The Little Guy” DeConcini, meets with DiMeo members, with both parties agreeing that things have gone too far. Butch then gives Tony the go-ahead to whack Phil.

It’s an important quote because it marks the beginning of peace after a lengthy war. Knowing Butch won’t stand in his way, Tony gives Walden the green light to shoot Phil on site. Butch is also wise for allowing Tony to kill Phil since, with Phil out of the picture, Butch is next in line to be boss of the Lupertazzi crime family.

When Carmine Sr. Criticizes Tony

“A Don Doesn’t Wear Shorts.”

Carmine plays goldf with Tony in Sopranos

Carmine Lupertazzi Sr, the first boss of the Lupertazzi crime family, isn’t a fan of Tony either. During a hangout session with other members of his family, he criticizes Tony for his fashion choices.

Tony’s fashion choices are indeed not those of a typical mobster. He dresses like the waste management consultant he claims to be. And whenever he is at home, he is seen in shorts or a bathrobe. To old-time mobsters like Carmine Sr, and Phil, this paints Tony as a weak mob boss.

When Agent Dwight Harris Hears That Phil Leotardo Has Been Shot

“We’re Gonna Win This Thing!”

Agent Harris learns about Phil's death in The Sopranos

The FBI’s Agent Dwight Harris is overjoyed when he receives news that Phil Leotardo has been shot. He lets out a rather absurd yell, claiming the authorities are about to win.

Harris does well by letting Tony know where Phil is hiding. Instead of working hard to arrest members of the two rival mob families, he figures the best way to deal with them is to play them against each other, allowing them to eliminate each other. This works well because, by the end of the show, both crime families end up losing important members.

When Furio Knocks Dr. Kennedy’s Cap Off

“You Got A Bee On You Hat.”

Furio intimidates Dr. Kennedy in The Sopranos

Furio and Tony pay Junior’s surgeon, Dr. Kennedy, a visit at the golf course when he starts being too busy for the elderly mobsters. They then intimidate him and order him to free up his schedule or else there will be more than bees on his hat.

What makes Furio such a great side character is how easily he alternates between being nice and intimidating. Whenever he is talking to Carmela, he appears to be a total gentleman but whenever he confronts offenders, he switches to a terrifying monster. By sampling knocking of Dr, Kennedy’s hat, the surgeon gets the message and prioritizes Junior.

When Phil Explains To His Subordinates Why Tony Is The Devil

“Let Me Tell You A Couple Of Three Things.”

Phil Leotardo declares war on Tony's crew

Initially, Phil’s plan to wipe out the entire top brass of the DiMeo crime family isn’t well received by those working under him. When he senses their doubt, he takes it upon himself to give them reasons why Tony is the worst.

Phil’s intention is to briefly explain why Tony and his men deserve to die but he ends up going on a full-hour rant. The Lupertazzi Don’s grievances are mostly seen as petty, stemming from his personal dislike of the DiMeo Don. Nonetheless, it’s fun watching him passionately explain why war with the New Jersey mobsters is necessary.

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