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The Sopranos: 10 Times Someone Was Killed In Broad Daylight

A lot of people got whacked in The Sopranos. And while the killings were mostly done discreetly, a good number of them happened in broad daylight.

Disputes with the mob on TV and in movies are rarely solved through reasonable conversations or yelling and then moving on. When someone feels aggrieved, they either conduct a hit or order one. As a result, the life expectancy of a mobster is always low.

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In The Sopranos, only a few mafia members, like Corrado “Junior” Soprano and Bobby Sr., managed to live to old age. Others like Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero and Brendan Filone were sent to purgatory in spectacular fashion. And while the killings were mostly done discreetly, a good number happened in broad daylight.

Tony Took A Break From Checking Out Colleges To Strangle A Turncoat

Tony and his daughter Meadow look for colleges in The Sopranos episode "College" visiting colleges

Not all FBI informants get discovered in time. Some are lucky enough to go into the Witness Protection Program. Such was the case with former DiMeo Crime family associate, Febby Petrulio. He stayed under the radar in the program for a while, only to be expelled from it for dealing drugs.

Back in the real world, he was exposed, and as coincidence would have it, Tony spotted him at a gas station as he was looking for potential universities with his daughter, Meadow. The two played cat and mouse before Tony cornered him at his travel agency and garroted him to death.

Mikey Palmice’s Jogging Session Was Cut Short

Paulie and Christopher firing their guns in The Sopranos

Junior became paranoid when Tony first met Johnny Sack without informing him. Fearing that they were attempting to get rid of him, he ordered members of his crew, including Mikey Palmice, to whack Tony. However, the two assassination attempts on Tony’s life ended up failing miserably.

When it was discovered that Palmice was in on the plan, Tony ordered a hit on him. After an argument with his girlfriend, Palmice went jogging. He then noticed that Christopher and Paulie were pursuing him slowly in a car. He attempted to flee into the woods, but they caught up with him.

Rusty Irish Was Thrown Over A Bridge

Rusty Irish death in The Sopranos

As Junior was getting measurements for a new suit, his tailor informed him that his grandson had taken drugs he bought from Barese crew member, Rusty Irish. He then took his own life by jumping off the Great Falls Bridge in Paterson. An angry Junior gave an order for Rusty Irish to be whacked.

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Palmice and Marino grabbed Rusty and took him to the same bridge where the tailor’s grandson had died, and ignoring his pleas for mercy, threw him off. Palmice and Marino then proceeded to bribe the shocked witnesses before walking away.

Donnie’s Insensitive Jokes Became A Death Sentence

Donnie gets whacked in The Sopranos

This was another example of a tiny incident being resolved by killing rather than a conversation and apology. Donnie was the man who Palmice used as an intermediary between himself and the assassins who failed to kill Tony.

Donnie found the whole thing funny and even joked about Livia wanting Tony dead too. But Junior didn’t like Donnie’s jokes. “Next time he’ll be making jokes about me,” he said. As Donnie was getting ready to drive away in his car, Palmice walked up to the window and fired two shots at him.

Bobby Baccala’s Visit To A Store Didn’t Go So Well

Bobby buying a toy train in The Sopranos

Bobby’s death was also quite sad because he was the nicest member of the New Jersey crew. He never got angry when someone made fun of him (which happened all the time) and unlike his colleagues, he never had a mistress. All of his wives, including the manipulative Janice, received total love and respect from him.

Sadly, Bobby was a victim of the war between New York and New Jersey in season 6. Phil Leotardo ordered hits on all the top members of the New Jersey crew, leaving Silvio hospitalized. As Bobby stopped by a hobby shop to buy a vintage train set, two men gunned him down.

A Cousin Whacked A Cousin

Tony kills his cousin Tony Blundetto in The Sopranos

Tony and his cousin Tony Blundetto aka Tony B had been close ever since they were kids. After Tony B killed Billy Leotardo, things got a bit complicated. The Lupertazzi family demanded justice or else the entire DiMeo crew would have to play. Tony initially protected Tony B, but the heat became too much.

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Tony was reluctant to hand over Tony B to the Lupertazzi crew because he feared he’d be tortured and granted a painful death. The boss thus decided to take matters into his own hands and give Tony B a quick, painless death.

Philly Spoons Picked Up His Executioner

Philly Spoons death

Philly was the twin brother of Patsy Parisi and his death wasn’t received too well by Patsy since the two were close. Patsy considered getting revenge but changed his mind when he had the chance to take a clean shot at Tony.

Why was Philly killed? Well, he was next in line to take over as acting boss when Junior went to prison. Philly was also spreading rumors that Tony enjoyed suffocating Livia with pillows. Seeing this as disrespectful, Tony ordered Gigi to take care of Philly. As soon as Philly picked Gigi from Newark Liberty International Airport, he shot him dead in the car.

Jackie Aprille Jr. Robbed The Wrong People

Vito whacks Jackie Aprille Jr for robbing a card game in The Sopranos.

Jackie Aprille Jr. had it coming. He was constantly warned by Tony not to get into the world of organized crime, but he had bad influences like Ralphie in his ear, so he began committing crimes anyway.

Things went south for Jackie after he and his friends made the mistake of robbing a poker game that Christopher was sitting in on. Tony wanted to protect Jackie, but he knew that this would send the wrong message. He thus asked Ralphie to “do the right thing.” As Jackie was walking from the project apartment where he was hiding, Vito appeared and killed him.

Adriana’s Stint As An Informant Came To A Gruesome End

Silvio drives Adriana to the woods before killing her for being an informant in The Sopranos.

Adriana was arm-twisted by the FBI into becoming an informant, but she did her best not to give the agency any meaningful information. She soon became tired of it all and confessed to Christopher, begging him to go into witness protection with her. Sadly, Christopher was more loyal to Tony than to her.

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As soon as Christopher told Tony about her, the ruthless boss ordered a hit. Silvio picked her up, lying to her that he was taking her to Christopher because he had tried to take his own life. He then stopped by the woods where he killed Adriana.

Phil Leotardo’s Gas Station Assassination

Phil Leotardo death in The Sopranos

Phil eventually paid for the bloody war that he had caused. Tony’s greatest enemy was a victim of the final on-screen murder in the series after being betrayed by Butchie DeConcini, who was not happy with his leadership.

As Leotardo was talking to his wife at a Raceway gas station, he was shot twice by a Gervasi crew member. He was then run over in a gruesome death and the worst part was that his wife saw it all.

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