The Sopranos: All Of Tony’s Dream Sequences

Tony's dream sequences in The Sopranos all have hidden meanings and say a lot about Tony's worries or suspicions in his waking life.

Dream sequences are littered across the seasons of The Sopranos and they are all centered around Tony. Most of them have meaning, aiming to highlight Tony’s state of mind at a specific mind. The lengthy dreams range from absurd to realistic, with Tony finding himself having to worry about them a lot later on.

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The dreams also serve as a break from the intense and detailed storyline. Some of the HBO show’s best dream sequences are credited to writer Matthew Weiner. In all projects he has worked in, Weiner has made a habit of exploring the minds of characters when they are asleep or in a comma.

Tony’s Associates Show Up At His Therapy Session

Tony and Dr. Melfi in her office in The Sopranos.

One of Tony’s earliest dreams occurs in the season 1 episode “Meadowlands.”  In the dream, he encounters several of his associates around Dr. Melfi’s office, some peeping through the window, others sitting in the waiting area. He becomes afraid that people will find out he is seeing a psychiatrist and see it as a sign of weakness.

The dream shows how much Tony is burdened by the need to protect his reputation as an intimidating boss. He later realizes he had no reason to worry. His associates don’t see him as less tough when he tells them about it. Paulie even confesses that he has been seeing a psychiatrist too.

Tony Shoots Paulie During A Card Game

Tony shoots Paulie during a card game

Paulie remains in Tony’s inner circle throughout the series but he isn’t always loyal. At one point, he considers switching to the Lupertazzi Crime Family. Tony senses this and dreams about executing Paulie during a card game in the season 2 finale.

The dream is a reflection of how Tony feels at the moment. Loyalty is valuable to him, but everyone is expendable, no matter how close they are to him. Tony is also worried about the loyalty of everyone around him because there are rumors going around that Big Pussy is an FBI informant.

Tony Gets Intimate With Dr. Melfi

Tony gets intimate with Dr Melfi

Tony manages to charm his way through the hearts of many women in the series but one woman who bluntly resists him no matter how hard he tries is his therapist Dr. Melfi. In Season 1’s “Pax Soprana,” he dreams of getting intimate with her.

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The purpose of the dream is to showcase his hedonism and inability to stay faithful. It also emphasizes the fact that Tony always tries to get what he wants. After having the dream, the mob boss tells Dr. Melfi he is in love with her, but she dismisses the confession. In one of the smartest pieces of advice Melfi gave Tony, she tells him that he is only feeling that way because she is helping him improve his life.

The Foreign Exchange Student

Maria Grazia Cucinotta as Isabella in The Sopranos

Tony dreams of an Italian foreign exchange student named Isabella. She happens to be living at the Cusamano residence while the family is on vacation. He takes her out for lunch and asks about her background. He also likes the way she takes care of her baby, Antonio.

Even after waking up, Tony really believes Isabella exists, only to be told by everyone in the neighborhood that there is no such person. The dream exposes Tony’s desire for a humble maternal figure in his life, something both Livia and Carmela are not. When he tells Dr. Melfi about it, she advises him to be appreciative of what he has.

The Talking Fish

Big Pussy as a talking fish in Tony's dream

Still, in “Funhouse,” Tony has another dream where he encounters a talking fish. Speaking with the voice of Big Pussy, the fish says: “You know I’m working with the government, right?” The dream is significant because Tony has been informed by Detective Makazian, one of the most villainous law enforcement officers in The Sopranos, that Big Pussy is an FBI informant.

The sequence thus serves as some sort of confirmation. Moments after waking up, Tony heads over to Big Pussy’s house, where he finds wires. Quick action is taken, with Tony inviting Big Pussy to his boat, where he is literally made to sleep with the fishes.

An Encounter With Gloria Trillo

Gloria Trillo teases Tony in a drem

Among Tony’s best mistresses and love affairs, car saleswoman Gloria Trillo gets the most screentime. She takes her own life after Tony warns her to stay away from him and his family. After her death, Tony interacts with her in a dream in season 4’s “Everybody Hurts.”

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Tony encounters Gloria because he is feeling guilty about her death. Though he had to break up with her, he has a feeling that he didn’t do it the right way. Despite the fact that the obsession was threatening to destroy his family, a part of him wishes she was still alive.

Carmella Drives The Car

Tony is driven by Carmela and Ralph in a dream

Tony has a complicated dream in season 4’s “Calling All Cars,” in which he finds himself in the back of his father’s car. Carmela is driving, while Ralph is in the passenger seat. In the back seat, Svetlana Kirilenko and Gloria Trillo keep appearing.

According to Dr. Melfi, the dream means Tony is worried about no longer being in control of his family. He is worried about Carmela taking charge. The mob boss confirms this by stating that in the old days, wives always sat in the back of the car. This also reveals his misogynistic side.

Tony Confesses To Killing Christopher

Tony and Dr. Melfi discuss anger issues

No one in the series ever gets to know that Tony was responsible for Christopher’s death, one of the most shocking deaths in The Sopranos. But in season 6’s “Kennedy And Heidi,” he dreams about telling Dr. Melfi how glad he is that Christopher is dead. He also confesses his other murders, those of Big Pussy and his cousin Tony Blundetto.

The dream sequence serves to emphasize Tony’s lack of remorse. Regarding Christopher’s state, there is a sense that Tony always wanted him dead. Their relationship rapidly falls apart in the last two seasons, starting with Christopher accusing Tony of sleeping with Adriana.

Tony Sees His Dead Mother

Tony's dream about Livia in The Sopranos

The DiMeo Crime Family don has another dream in “Calling All Cars” that has horror elements in it. Dressed like a blue-collar worker, he follows his stubborn Capo, Ralph, to an old house. A shadowy figure resembling his dead mother then appears on the staircase, as the door creaks. Tony tells her he has come for the stonemason job.

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The fever dream reminds Tony of two people he doesn’t like: Ralph and Livia. In this scenario, they both seem to above him in social status, hence having more power than him. This is something Tony dreads.

Tony Rides A Horse In The Living Room

Tony rides the horse Pie-Oh-My in the living room during one of his dreams in The Sopranos

Ralph’s decision to acquire the racing horse “Pie-O-My” proves to be his downfall. Tony becomes so attached to it that when it dies, he blames Ralph for it and kills him. In season 5’s “The Test Dream,” the New Jersey mob boss is shown riding Pie-O-My around the living room. Carmela tells him he can come back to the house if he gets rid of the horse.

The sequence brings viewers back to the strained relationship between Tony and Carmela. It is implied that Tony has always placed his focus on the wrong things. Rather than showing love to his wife, he loves the horse more, among other things, one of the reasons his marriage doesn’t work out.

The Alternate Universe

Tony dreams he is a salesman in The Sopranos

In season 6’s “Join the Club,” Tony, still in a comatose state after getting shot by Junior, dreams about being in an alternate universe where he is a salesman, in one of the most shocking scenes in The Sopranos that doesn’t involve death. He shows up at a hotel where it’s revealed that his accent has changed and not even the bartender respects him (compared to the Bada Bing bartender, who worships him).

Tony’s dream is all about fear and “what-ifs.” If he was a law-abiding citizen, he probably would have never gotten shot and avoided all the dangers that come with being a mobster. On the other hand, he wouldn’t have gotten all the perks, such as being respected by everyone.

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