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The Sopranos: The 5 Tallest (& 5 Shortest) Actors In The Cast

The Sopranos was known for its big personalities but how tall or short were the actual actors playing the famous characters?

The Sopranos is a fantastic ensemble drama, and it contains a wonderful cast that is yet to be rivaled within the television industry. Everyone was pitch-perfectly cast and wonderfully played, and each character became iconic in their own unique way.

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The show followed a specific mafia family who liked to boss people around and resorts to physical violence, so it makes sense that many actors throughout the show were quite tall, fit, and imposing. With that said, a surprising amount of characters – including the male characters within the mafia family – are actually quite short. But who is the tallest, and who is the shortest? The answers may be surprising.

Tallest: James Gandolfini – 6’0”-6’1”

James Gandolfini Tony the Sopranos

At the heart of The Sopranos is Tony Soprano, played to absolute pitch perfection by James Gandolfini. Gandolfini was certainly a big man, but perhaps not as big as one may think.

Tony always looked tall and imposing next to his subordinates, but that’s only because most of the actors playing his subordinates were around 5’7”-5’9” (including Michael Imperioli, Steven Van Zandt, and Tony Sirico). According to, Gandolfini stood at just under 6’1”, with an estimated height of 6ft 3/4 in.

Shortest: Edie Falco – 5’5”

James Gandolfini as Tony and Edie Falco as Carmela in The Sopranos (Chasing It)

Playing Tony’s wife Carmela was Edie Falco, who stood proud next to James Gandolfini in the acting department. She also literally stood proud next to Tony during his temper tantrums (like the pool house scene which sees Tony nearly throwing punches), even though she is much smaller.

It’s estimated that Edie Falco stands at 5’5” – an average female height, but one of the shortest heights found on The Sopranos.

Tallest: Vincent Pastore – 5’10”

Big Pussy gets whacked

Vincent Pastore plays Salvatore Bonpensiero, who is often referred to as Big Pussy. Salvatore earned the “Pussy” moniker owing to his past as a cat burglar, and “Big” because he’s a big man. While he has a similar build to James Gandolfini/Tony Soprano, he stands a little bit shorter at an estimated 5’10”.

This is perhaps best noticed in the scene in which Big Pussy gets whacked by Paulie, Silvio, and Tony. He is clearly taller than both Silvio and Paulie, but he is noticeably shorter than Tony.

Shortest: Jamie Lynn Sigler – 5’3”

It looks like Meadow Soprano got her mother’s genes because she is considerably shorter than both Carmela and Tony. Some of the women throughout The Sopranos are quite tall – including Lorraine Bracco, who stands 5’7”.

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However, Jamie Lynn Sigler is likely the shortest member of the main cast, measuring in at just 5’3”. She claims to be 5’6”, but many people in the comments are calling her quite short (especially when compared to other, shorter actors), and the site’s “Average Guess” puts her at 5 ft 2.95 in.

Tallest: Nancy Marchand – 5’10”

Livia Soprano wearing pink in The Sopranos

While Lorraine Bracco’s 5’7” measurement is quite tall, that’s nothing compared to Nancy Marchand. Marchand wasn’t on the show for long, as she tragically passed away from lung cancer in 2000.

But she made quite an impression in that time playing Tony’s difficult mother Livia. If Livia always seemed quite tall when standing next to Tony, that’s because Nancy Marchand herself was quite tall. Viewers would find little difference in height between her and Big Pussy, as it’s estimated that Marchand stood at 5’10”.

Shortest: Aida Turturro – 5’4”

Tony makes fun of Janice after she tells him she is seeing a therapist in The Sopranos

Playing Tony’s older sister Janice was Aida Turturro – cousin of famous actor John Turturro. Turturro was one of the finest actors on the show, as many fans can’t stand the sight of Janice Soprano and find her one of the most despicable characters on a show full of despicable characters.

She is also one of the shortest. Unlike her younger brother and mother, Janice was quite short, with Aida Turturro standing at an estimated 5’4”.

Tallest: Steve Schirripa – 6’1”

Bobby during the family getaway with Tony and Carmela

Soprano Home Movies is one of the most beloved episodes of The Sopranos, and it contains one of the greatest scenes of the show. Bobby pummels Tony after Tony insults Janice, and it greatly upsets Tony’s pride and masculinity.

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It makes sense that Bobby can go toe-to-toe with Tony, as Steve Schirripa is virtually the exact same size as James Gandolfini – maybe even a smidge taller. Whereas Gandolfini is an estimated 6 ft 3/4 in, Schirripa stands at an uncontested 6’1”.

Shortest: Robert Iler – 5’5”

AJ Soprano meets his friends to plan a night out in the Sopranos standing in front of a Coke machine.

It seems like the short gene runs in the Soprano family because A.J. is quite short as well. While most of the men on The Sopranos aren’t super tall (at least compared to average male heights), A.J. Soprano/Robert Iler is the shortest male on the cast, measuring in at an estimated 5’5”.

Some of the comments dispute this measuring, with some commentators claiming that he may be closer to 5’6” or 5’7”.

Tallest: Federico Castelluccio – 6’1”

Furio in The Sopranos

If one man can measure up to both James Gandolfini and Steve Schirripa, it’s Federico Castelluccio. Castelluccio was cast as Furio, one of the enforcers of the Soprano mob and the eventual love interest of Carmela Soprano. It makes sense that Furio would be hired as an enforcer, as Castelluccio is a very tall and physically fit figure.

According to Castelluccio’s resume, he stands at 6’1” (making him slightly taller than Tony) and 190 pounds. His height is quite obvious in the scenes he shared with Tony, as the two were virtually identical in height.

Shortest: Drea De Matteo – 5’6”

Chris and Adriana

Drea De Matteo always appeared taller than she was owing to the massive heels she wore and by standing next to Michael Imperioli, who supposedly stands at just 5’8”. When not wearing heels (like in her and Chris’s apartment), Adriana would stand a little smaller than Christopher, as Drea De Matteo is 5’6”.

This is the height that Playboy gave her back in 1999 – the same year that The Sopranos debuted. It’s a solid height, and it places her just under most of the men found on the show, most of whom average around 5’7”-5’9”.

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