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The Sopranos: The 9 Best Quotes, According To Reddit

There are dozens of unforgettable quotes throughout the 5 seasons of The Sopranos, but according to Reddit, some are a lot cooler than the rest.

Fans of The Sopranos universe have had to deal with a lot of sadness as of late as actors Bruce McVittie, who played Danny Scalercio in the episode “Whitecaps,” and Ray Liotta, who starred in the prequel movie, sadly passed away in May.

The two actors managed to make a huge impact on the fans as their electric performances and iconic quotes helped make scenes in the HBO series extremely rich in wit and emotion. There were also times when they partially enhance their co-workers’ characters too, as almost every other actor who shared a scene with the two managed to come up with a cheeky or thought-provoking remark. But how memorable were these lines with the mob saga? Redditors chime in.

When Tony And Dr. Melfi Discuss Life

“Every Day Is A Gift. But Does It Have To Be A Pair Of Socks?”

Dr. Melfi makes Tony realize how much progress they have made

During one of their sessions, Tony and Dr. Melfi talk about life. Tony claims that even though every day is a gift to him, some days feel like cheap gifts. UniversalPolymath explains that the line “sums up the general feeling of malaise running through the show.”

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With the words, Tony agrees that as a mobster, he should be grateful to be alive because people get killed every day in his line of work. But in as much as he has had a great run, he feels that some days don’t bring any form of joy with them. He’d prefer that each day should come with a reason to celebrate, not with fresh problems.

When Artie Goes To Collect A Debt And Tries To Act Tough

“Qu’est-Ce Que C’est? Answering Machine Broken?”

Artie goes to collect his money from Jean-Philippe In The Sopranos

When Jean-Phillipe refuses to pay up his debt, Vesuvio owner, Artie, practices what to say first before heading over to collect. Searingm1 says, “I love how he rehearses in the mirror.”

The quote is uproarious because Artie tries to incorporate the little French he knows so that he can be as clear as possible. The debt collection mission goes terribly wrong for him because, as a restaurateur, he isn’t used to confrontations. He is also used to his mob friends doing such favors for him. As a result, he leaves with no money, a torn ear, and a shameful reputation as one of the worst fighters in The Sopranos.

When Ralph Mocks Paulie

“Last Year You Believed There Was A Flying Saucer Over East Rutherford.”

Tony mediates the dispute between Ralph and Paulie in The Sopranos

Paulie becomes furious when Tony offers him $12,000 out of the illegally acquired $100,000, yet he provided the intel. He claims he can’t believe it and Ralph cheekily suggests that, as a man who has bought into the alien rumors before, he should believe it. Redditor talktomeg00se1986 calls this “a wonderful line from Ralph.”

There’s nothing Ralph enjoys more than classifying Paulie as a dumb individual, which consequently leads to the two to have one of the fiercest feuds in The Sopranos. On this occasion, Ralph feels Paulie’s “I can’t believe it!” exclamation is misplaced since he is a conspiracy theorist, who has believed worse things in the past.

When Tony Reacts To Ariel Making Fun Of The Romans

“You Are Looking At Them.”

Tony Soprano sitting in a bar in The Sopranos

During a quarrel, Ariel mocks the ancient Romans, arguing that they used to be so tough but are nowhere to be seen now. Well, Tony reminds him that he is one of them, with Redditor Daedeluss feeling like this is an “underrated bit of dialogue.”

Tony comes off as totally badass by reminding Ariel that Romans aren’t extinct. Most of them are the existing Italians today and Tony is one of them (and he does make sure to go the ‘actions’ route in order to remind Ariel that the Romans are still as powerful as ever). He has his men assault him and only give him 12% of the hotel shares instead of the 50% he demanded.

When Tony Sums Up The Root Of His Problems With Junior

“C***lingus And Psychiatry Brought Us To This.”

Tony and Carmela discuss the war with Junior in The Sopranos

The best part about Tony’s feud with his uncle Corrado “Junior” Soprano in the first season is when, during a late-night conversation with Carmela, he sums up what actually caused it. HanzeesHatBox calls it “the best line in the history of television.”

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Tony is right about oral sex and psychiatry being the root cause. Oral sex is highly frowned upon in the mob circles so Junior got angry when he heard that Tony had spread rumors about him doing it. On his part, Junior felt Tony was weak for seeing a psychiatrist. As such, disdain grew and the drums of war were beaten.

When Christopher Reacts To Paulie’s Description Of Valery

“Guy Was An Interior Decorator? His House Looked Like Sh*t.”

Christopher and Paulie hunt the Russian mobster Valery in the pine barrens in The Sopranos

As Paulie and Christopher are stuck in the Pine Barrens hunting Valery, Tony calls the former to inform him that Valery was a Russian Interior Ministry mercenary (which is why they need to be careful). Paulie misquotes him, telling Christopher that Valery was an interior decorator. And Redditor spartan1337 says the line “gets me every time.”

The information clearly doesn’t make sense to Christopher because they had been in Valery’s house earlier and it didn’t look so organized. He feels that, if the guy truly was an interior decorator, he could have a neater apartment. Thanks to the miscommunication, one of the funniest scenes in The Sopranos is born.

When Carmela Explains The Importance Of Being Decisive

“More Is Lost Through Indecision Than Wrong Decision.”

Carmela cries as she realizes the depths of her misdeeds in the psychiatrist's office.

When Carmela loses money in a bad investment, she backs up with a rather interesting remark. Many love it, including onlything2012 who confesses, “The amount of times I’ve used this is unbelievable.”

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The quote is actually borrowed from Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero, who was known for his philosophical remarks. For Carmela, she implies that she could have never gained any business experience if she had kept on wondering whether to invest or not. It’s not an explanation Tony is particularly happy about but it makes sense.

When Patsy Threatens Gloria

“Here’s Some Standard Operating Procedure. Stay Away From Tony Soprano.”

Patsy threatens Gloria in The Sopranos

Although Patsy threatens Gloria to stay away from Tony, she is unbothered by it, claiming her company will send people to look for her in a few minutes because it’s the standard operating procedure. Well, Patsy pulls out a gun and comes up with a new standard operating procedure. Redditor 30degrees3am doesn’t just like the particular line but describes the whole scene as “one of my favorite scenes.”

As a mobster, Patsy passes the message the best way he knows how: through threats. After all, Gloria proves to be unreasonable when talked to nicely and the threat works better than he expected. Through the exchange as a whole, Gloria once again demonstrates why she is the most interesting among Tony Soprano’s mistresses.

When Tony Gets What He Didn’t Order

“Goddamn Orange Peel Beef.”

Tony complains about an order in The Sopranos

Talking about the scene where Tony rants over him receiving the wrong meal, kangorr writes, “I love how real his anger was in that scene. Orange peel beef was the last straw.”

One of the things that the mobsters loved on the show was a good meal, with the main characters always seen eating in two of the most iconic Soprano locations – Satriale’s Pork Store and The Vesuvio restaurants. It’s, therefore, within Tony’s nature to lament about a wrong order. Plus, there is some foreshadowing too because oranges signify impending doom in mafia circles.

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