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The Sopranos: Tony’s 8 Coldest Kills, Ranked

As a mob boss, Tony had to get his hands dirty sometimes. And that meant a handful of cold, merciless kills throughout the course of The Sopranos.

Any gangster-infested area is guaranteed to have plenty of murders and such was the case in New Jersey and New York in The Sopranos. Feuds were settled more by taking lives rather than sitting down and coming to an understanding. There were also cases of characters being killed for no sensible reason.

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While DiMeo crime family capo Paulie Walnuts had the highest kill count (9), Tony Soprano came in at a close second with 8 kills. As the boss, Tony also ordered the deaths of 11 other people during the events of the series. It has also been suggested that Tony himself got whacked in those polarizing last minutes in the series finale.

Willie Overall

Tony and Paulie watch as the FBi digs up WIllie's body

The bookie Willie Overall was the person through whom Tony “made his bones” (earned his first kill). As revealed in Season 6’s “Remember When,” Tony was only 22 at the time he killed Overall. A flashback scene showed Overall pleading for his life before Tony shot him (only Tony’s hands were shown). He then buried the bookie’s body in the ground.

Tony and Paulie were seen watching the FBI from a distance as they dug up Overall’s body, thanks to Capo Larry Barese turning into an informant and telling them about the murder. However, Larry refused to implicate Tony, instead lying that former DiMeo Crime Family boss Jackie Aprile Sr. was responsible for the murder.

Matthew “Matt” Bevilacqua

Matt gets whacked for his attempted hit on Christopher

Matt’s ambition quickly became his downfall. He was tired of being a low-level mobster so he tried to come up with a way to make a name for himself. He figured that the best way to do it was to kill Christopher in order to impress Richie Aprille. He knew that Christopher and Richie didn’t get along.

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The attempted hit failed but Matt still went to Richie and told him that he did it for him. An angry Richie chased Matt away as he was aware Tony would whack anyone revealed to be involved in the attack. Tony and Big Pussy later tortured and interrogated Matt. They were even nice enough to offer him a Coke before each of them fired several rounds into his body.

Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero

Paulie offers Big Pussy a drink before he gets whacked In The Sopranos

Big Pussy served as an FBI informant for a long time before he was finally discovered. Being a member of Tony’s inner circle, the FBI relied on him to help them bring the mob boss down. When Tony was first informed by the dirty cop, Detective Vin Makazian, that Big Pussy was an informant, he doubted it because he liked the man so much.

Tony soon began having suspicions. After a dream in which Big Pussy hinted he was an informant, Tony searched his house and found wires. He, Paulie, and Silvio then took Big Pussy to a boat where they sailed and offered him a last drink before Tony opened fire. The rest joined in too.

Ralph Cifaretto

Tony strangles Ralph because of the Pie Oh My incident

Ralph was definitely the craziest mobster to appear on the show. Despite him being the highest earner in the family, he and Tony never got along. Tony was even reluctant to promote him to Capo.

A couple of incidents took Ralph’s relationship with Tony to the drain. First, Ralph insulted the wife of Johnny Sack, yet Sack was Tony’s friend. Ralph then killed his girlfriend Tracee outside the Bada Bing. Tony was also close to Tracee. Ralph then downplayed the death of Pie-Oh-My, a beautiful racing horse that Tony was very attached to. Tony eventually strangled him.

Chucky Signore

Tony shoots DiMeo Crime Family street soldier Chucky on his boat

Junior and Tony were at war at the start of the series. After the failed hit on Tony’s life, Junior chose to rely on trusted members of his crew to finish the job. One of those was street soldier Chucky Signore. Tony, Silvio, and Paulie figured out that Chucky was the person most likely to come after Tony so they made plans to whack him.

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Tony and Silvio thus paid Chucky a visit as he was preparing to sail off on his boat. While chatting with Chucky about a large fish he had caught, Tony suddenly pulled a pistol out of the fish’s mouth and shot Chucky. He and Silvio then used chains and cement blocks to dump Chucky’s body into the sea.

Christopher Moltisanti

Christopher's death in The Sopranos

The deterioration of Cristopher and Tony’s relationship was surprising, given how close they had been in the first few seasons. Tony saw Christopher as the future boss and often favored him above everyone else. However, the inability of Christopher to get over his drug addiction caused Tony to start disliking him.

Things got worse when Carmela suggested that the flawed main character in a B-movie that Christopher produced was based on Tony. Christopher then began sleeping with Julianna Skiff, a woman Tony was also eyeing. When an intoxicated Christopher crashed a car while he was driving Tony, the boss couldn’t take it any longer. Instead of calling 911, he pinched Christopher’s nose, causing him to asphyxiate on his own blood.

Tony Blundetto

Tony Soprano kills Tony Blundetto

This is the only murder that Tony was pressured to commit. Tony Blundetto aka Tony B was Tony Soprano’s cousin hence it wasn’t an easy decision for him. Blundetto had to go because he angered the New York mob by killing one of their members.

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Blundetto went into hiding but Tony knew it was only a matter of time before he was found. He thus decided to give him a more decent death as he knew the New York crew would torture him. Ambushing his cousin as he was opening the door, Tony got him with a single shot to the head using a 12-gauge shotgun.

Febby Petruolo

Tony strangles a witness who had gone into witness protection

Petrulio was a made guy who snitched and went into the Witness Protection Program. He was later expelled from the program for continuing to engage in criminal activities such as selling drugs. He then began working as a travel agent while also giving speeches at Colby College to Criminal Justice students. According to Tony, Petrulio enjoyed telling students how he used to be a big bad mafioso.

While Tony was looking for colleges with his daughter Meadow, he spotted Petrulio at a gas station and began pursuing him. The two engaged in a cat and mouse game before Tony cornered him at the travel agency and strangled him using a wire.

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