‘The Three Stooges’ Gets A Release Date

The Farrelly Brothers' film from 20th Century Fox will hit theaters April 4, 2012.


On Friday, 20th Century Fox announced its release date for The Three Stooges, their big-screen resurrection of the popular comedic trio that got its start as “Ted Healy and His Stooges” in 1925 (they didn’t become “The Three Stooges” until 1934).

The film, directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly, is set to open in wide release April 4, 2012.

Sean Hayes stars as Larry, while Will Sasso will bring Curly to life and Chris Diamantopoulos rounds out the threesome as Moe. Jane Lynch, Jennifer Hudson, Sophia Vergara, Criag Bierko, Stephen Collins and Larry David also star.

The film will follow Larry, Moe and Curly as they try to save their childhood home, but accidentally become involved in a murder plot and in a modern-day twist will end up starring in a reality TV show.

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