The Worst Thing Every Lannister Did In Game Of Thrones

House Lannister was a powerful force in Westeros, and the family was known for their brutal determination that completely changed the Game of Thrones.

The first look at House of the Dragon gave fans an exciting tease of HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series. House of the Dragon takes place 300 years before the Game of Thrones series. It will explore a civil war between the ruling House Targaryen, though casting announcements have revealed another familiar family’s presence.

The Lannisters will still play a large role in the war known as the Dance of the Dragons, with the twin brothers representing the best and worst of the family. Fans grew to both love and hate the Lannisters in the Game of Thrones adaptation. The family that was led by Tywin and doomed by Cersei were all known for a number of truly awful and unforgettable deeds.

10 Alton Lannister’s Biggest And Ultimately Fatal Mistake Was In Trusting His Own Cousin

The Lannister family is large and filled with cousins who fight and die for their family’s battles. Ser Alton Lannister was a young knight who fought for House Lannister against House Stark, though he was captured in battle. He quickly became a side character that fans completely forgot existed because of a single poor decision.

Alton messengered terms between both camps which eventually saw him imprisoned alongside his cousin, Jaime Lannister. He hoped to prove himself to his cousin and offered an eager ear to his stories. Unfortunately, he trusted the wrong person and he was killed by his cousin as a distraction to help Jaime escape.

Tytos Lannister Wasted Away The Family Fortune And Nearly Lost Their Seat Of Power

Tywin Lannister doesn’t speak of his father Tytos much in the Game of Thrones series. However, he does share a few memories with Arya Stark when she is in disguise as his cupbearer. Tywin revealed that Tytos was a good man who loved his children, though he was also weak. Tytos Lannister wasn’t the best head of the family, as he wasted away much of the Lannister’s vast fortune.

His weakness in court led to an uprising that nearly brought down House Lannister. However, Tywin stepped up to put a violent end to the rebellion. Tywin’s brutal methods would serve as the inspiration for “The Rains of Castermere” song that played at the Red Wedding. Tytos was then pushed aside by his son and forgotten by his family.

Kevan Lannister Protested His Niece’s Claim To Power To Later Serve As Hand Of The King

As the younger brother of Tywin Lannister, Kevan never had many claims to his family’s land. However, he still served his oldest brother faithfully as a general of the Lannister armies and Tywin’s trusted advisor. After his brother’s death, he was offered a seat on King Tommen’s small council as the Master of War by Cersei.

However, Kevan protested his niece’s attempts to take power as the Queen Mother. He returned to Casterly Rock and turned his back on Cersei, though he would return. After Cersei was charged and imprisoned by the High Sparrow, Kevan returned to King’s Landing to become Hand of the King. It was a final insult to Cersei that would ultimately cost him his life.

Lancel Lannister Betrayed His Family When He Was Forced To Join The Sparrows

The oldest son of Kevan Lannister was Lancel, a squire to Robert Baratheon before the King’s death. Lancel Lannister became involved in an incestuous relationship with his cousin Cersei. This then forced him to turn into a spy for her brother Tyrion. Lancel was quick to turn on Cersei to help Tyrion when pressured, and he ultimately betrayed his entire family later as well.

Lancel Lannister was indoctrinated by a fanatic group within the Faith of the Seven known as the Sparrows. He became one of their Faith Militants after he was forced to reveal the details of his relationship with his cousin to the High Sparrow. Lancel actively worked against his family during his time with the Sparrows, which ultimately cost him his life.

Tommen Baratheon Let The Corrupt High Sparrow Secretly Take Control Of His Kingdom

While young Tommen shares his name with the former King Robert Baratheon, he is actually the child of Cersei and Jaime Lannister. After the death of Robert, the crown still fell to his “children.” Tommen was good-hearted as one of the youngest Game of Thrones main characters.

This made him easy to manipulate when he was crowned king. He was forced to turn on his mother and his wife when they were taken by the High Sparrow and his fanatics. Young Tommen may not have committed many atrocious acts like his older brother, but he still betrayed his family when they needed him most.

Tyrion Lannister Murdered His Father And Former Lover In Cold Blood During His Escape

The youngest child of Tywin Lannister was Tyrion, a dwarf who became the black sheep of his family. Tyrion was different from the rest of his family and generally tried to help the realm. However, everything changed when he was blamed for the death of his nephew Joffrey. Tyrion was secretly set free by his brother Jaime and forced to escape King’s Landing.

When he discovered that his betraying lover Shae was in his father’s bed, he changed his escape plans. He killed Shae and Tywin in revenge, strangling his ex while shooting his father who was on the toilet. While this might be considered one of Tyrion Lannister’s greatest accomplishments, he considered it one of his greatest failures.

Jaime Lannister Pushed Bran Stark Out Of A Window To Cover Up His Incestuous Relationship

The eldest son of Tywin Lannister, Jaime was a knight and member of the Kingsguard. He was known as the Kingslayer after he was forced to kill the Mad King Aerys Targaryen. While Jaime did quite a few terrible things over the course of the series, it was one of his first despicable acts that became the most memorable.

He pushed young Bran Stark out of a window in the first episode of the season after the climbing child saw Jaime and Cersei together. It was something Jaime deeply regretted when he was forced to face Bran Stark as the Three-Eyed Raven in the final season.

Tywin Lannister Tried To Kill His Own Son Tyrion To Become The Worst Father In Westeros

Another member of the Lannister family that has done an untold number of terrible things is Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock and head of the House Lannister. Tywin was a brutal leader and an unforgiving father. He placed his own children in jeopardy when they displeased or disappointed him.

He developed an unending hatred for his son Tyrion after the death of his wife during childbirth. He tried to send his youngest son to his death on the front lines during the Battle of Blackwater, resulting in the deforming scar on Tyrion’s face. These are just a few of the moments that proved Ned Stark a better father than Tywin Lannister.

Joffrey Baratheon Betrayed His Word When He Beheaded Ned Stark In Front Of His Daughter

The eldest son of Jaime and Cersei Lannister was Joffrey Baratheon, though he had his assumed father’s name. This made him next in line for the Iron Throne after Robert was killed during a boar hunt. Joffrey was a cruel and hateful king who tormented everyone in his life. He brutally murdered sex workers for pleasure and nearly brought the kingdom to ruin.

One of the worst things he did was promise leniency to Ned Stark if he confessed to being a traitor. However, Joffrey betrayed his word and had Ned Stark decapitated. Joffrey then forced his future wife Sansa Stark to view her father’s rotting head on a pike for a laugh. These are just a few of the reasons why Joffrey was one of the most disliked Game of Thrones characters.

Cersei Lannister Destroyed The Great Sept Which Was Filled With Mostly Innocent People

Another member of the Lannister family with a number of terrible deeds to their name was Cersei Lannister. Despite her wicked ways, Cersei still managed to become one of Game of Thrones’ fan-favorite characters. Cersei’s quest for power had quite a few dire consequences that nearly brought an end to Westeros.

It was the moment she was finally able to seize control of the Iron Throne that stands as one of her worst actions in the series. Cersei orchestrated a series of events that destroyed the Great Sept of Baelor. She killed a number of important figures including the High Sparrow, the Tyrells and her uncle Kevan. However, she also killed a number of mostly innocent people in her bid for power.

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