This Is The Worst Episode Of ‘The Mandalorian’ According To IMDb

Disney+ has been a major success since its release, and while fresh content was slow to come by early on, new additions like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have kept fans coming back for more. The steaming service owes a lot to The Mandalorian for showing people the potential that it had early on.

Omitting the Skywalkers (mostly) and focusing on a fresh character was a genius idea, and Star Wars fans love what the series has brought to the table. However, some episodes just haven’t been up to snuff with fans at IMDB.

Let’s look at what IMDb considers the worst episode of The Mandalorian.

“The Gunslinger” Only Has 7.6 Stars

The Mandalorian’s rise to being one of the most popular shows on television has been exceptional to watch unfold, and at this point it seems like the show can do no wrong. However, over the course of two seasons, one episode was bound to hit the bottom of the list. When looking at IMDb for the lowest-rated episode of The Mandalorian, “The Gunslinger” is at the bottom of the list with 7.6 stars.

Considering that 7.6 stars is the lowest that the show has received so far, “The Gunslinger” is by no means a terrible episode. Sure, working with someone trying to break into the Guild makes no sense for Mando since the Guild is after him, but most were willing to look past that to see how things unfolded for our favorite bounty hunter.

Not only is Mando teaming up this episode, but little Grogu is dropped off with Peli Motto, who also does Mando a solid by working on his ship, as well. The most notable thing to come from this episode is the introduction of Fennec Shand and the tease of Boba Fett.

Mando ultimately makes good on paying Peli and he even takes out his new partner, Toro Calican, after his betrayal later in the episode. Again, not a terrible episode by any means, but some of it made no sense and it fell flat when compared to a few of the others that fan as were treated to during that first season, if IMDb is to be believed.

“Sanctuary” Is A Bit Better With 7.8 Stars

Interestingly, the episode that debuted before “The Gunslinger,” “Sanctuary,” is also one of the lowest-rated episodes in the show’s history. With 7.8 stars, “Sanctuary” was narrowly able to escape its fate as the worst episode of the series. Still, it has nearly 8 stars on IMDb, which is impressive in its own right.

This is the episode that introduced fans to Cara Dune, though that is another story for another time. Mando is hired to help defend a village from local raiders in this episode, leading to him working with Dune to train up the villagers to stop the impeding attack. This episode did have a lot of potential and it was exciting to watch, but in the long run, it’s not the best.

Mando nearly removes his helmet in this episode, which is probably the most exciting thing that happens, battle with an AT-ST notwithstanding. There is a forced romance between Mando and Omera, which feels a bit out of place. Mando also considers leaving Grogu in the village, but he ultimately chooses to keep him around to protect him from the Guild.

It was fun at times, but it could have been better for certain fans who gave it a low rating. This episode is just a shade worse than a season two episode that whipped up some controversy in a hurry.

“The Passenger” Has 7.9 Stars

“The Passenger” might be the most infamous episode in the history of the show so far, and it all stems from little Grogu munching on some embryos. It didn’t seem like much at the time it aired, but a controversy quickly arose over this episode that had social media buzzing for some time.

In the episode, Mando is helping a mother reunite with her partner so that she can be safe and bring her little embryos into the world. A recurring gag in the episode is Grogu sneaking around and eating some of the embryos. This, in turn, caused an uproar with fans. People legitimately lashed out on social media, making for a bizarre controversy that no one saw coming.

The episode itself was okay, but the controversy around Grogu’s snack of choice will ensure that people continue to talk about this episode for years on end.

The Mandalorian has done just about everything right so far, but these episodes just weren’t up to snuff for fans on IMDb.

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