‘Three’s Company’ Star Joyce DeWitt Reflected on Fond Memories of the Late John Ritter

For Joyce DeWitt, her memories about co-star John Ritter from Three’s Company are deep and personal. Both of them kept the ABC sitcom going.

DeWitt played Joyce Wood opposite Ritter’s Jack Tripper. Their scenes inside the shared apartment space along with Suzanne Somers and others probably bring smiles to people’s faces. She talked about Ritter and those thoughts are shared in an article from Best Life.

Where she shared these memories is interesting, too. DeWitt made an appearance on Somers’ talk show, Suzanne Somers Breaking Through, in 2012. It marked the first time in 30 years that they’d seen one another.

‘Three’s Company’ Star Remembers Call From Ritter At Her Hotel

On that show, DeWitt shares a story about her staying in New York City. At that time, someone told her that her Three’s Company co-star Ritter happened to be staying in a hotel near hers.

DeWitt said she told herself, “Joyce Anne, don’t be an idiot, that’s a message.” She called his hotel and left a message. Just as she was about to leave her room, Ritter calls her back.

“As I’m walking out the door, the phone rings, and I pick it up and it’s Johnathan,” the Three’s Company star said. “And he goes, ‘Baby, we’ve got three parties and a dinner to do tonight. I’ll pick you up at 7!’” DeWitt said to Somers about their night out: “It was so delicious … and a month later he passed.” Ritter died in 2003 at 54 years old.

DeWitt Takes A Step Back From Hollywood Fame After TV Show Ends

Once Three’s Company ended its run on ABC, DeWitt took a big timeout from that world. It did seem that the actress just left the spotlight, but she did make a few appearances. That is after a 10-year separation of time between the sitcom and her life at that time.

Well, her interests really did not align with the fame and fortune one finds in Hollywood. DeWitt discussed this part of her life back in 2009 in an interview with Gay Calgary.

She talks about how that departure was not in her plans. Yet when she did it, though, it felt like a solid decision for her life.

“Regrets are a dangerous thing,” DeWitt said. “I am very fortunate that in my life I have only twice regretted something and that was 10 or 15 years later. If I had to do it over again I couldn’t change it. I was going to take 6 months off just to chill out. I saw Hollywood and the way it behaved and it was not a moral code that was natural to me.” 

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