Top 10 Pokémon For Cute Super Contests

Pokémon contests are a great way to break up the battle cycle of the Pokémon series, and these Pokémon excel at the Cute category.

Pokémon Super Contests are a great way for trainers to bond with their Pokémon outside of the normal battle format. First introduced in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, contests return in a slightly altered form in Diamond and Pearl and their remakes Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Super Contests are divided into five different categories, and Pokémon use their moves to earn Appeal from Judges. The Cute category Favors Normal, Psychic, and Water type Pokémon, but lots of different types are able to compete. Many Cute moves are lower level or not useful in battle, so Super Contests are a great way to give these moves new life.

10 Porygon Can Learn Several Great Moves

Since it has the fewest moves of any category, Cute contests tend to be fairly straightforward affairs. There are five moves that earn three Appeal, one of which is Sleep Talk. Porygon and its evolutions can learn Sleep Talk, earning a consistent Appeal. It can also learn Facade, which earns two Appeal on normal turns but doubles the score on the final performance. With so few moves available, picking a Cute contestant is really just a matter of finding any Pokémon who are able to compete.

9 Sudowoodo Is A Cute Little Mimic

Cute is a matter of opinion, but the goofy stylings and rounded shapes of Sudowoo are quite appealing to most Pokémon trainers. The Imitation Pokémon is a Rock type that mimics a tree and can often be found blocking routes throughout Johto and Hoenn.

Sudowoodo makes for a decent Cute competitor, most notably for it’s use of Mud-Slap and Sleep Talk. It can alternate between these two moves to earn a consistent three Appeal each turn.

8 Delcatty Isn’t Perfect, But It Can Get The Job Done

There are unfortunately no ways to easily move first in Cute contests and also take advantage of that position. Me First is the only way to move first, and no Pokémon that learns a move that benefits from going first can also learn Me First. Delcatty can make an attempt, however. Delcatty learns Fake Out, which earns four Appeal if the Pokémon goes first. If it can move first, a Delcatty with Fake Out and Sleep Talk can reliably earn a decent amount of Appeal.

7 Wormadam Is Cute When Frustrated

Just as there is only one move that enables a Pokémon to move first in a Cute contest, there is only one move that does the opposite. Bubble earns two Appeal and causes the Pokémon to move slower, but it is incompatible with both Frustration and Brave Bird, which earn four Appeal if the Pokémon moves last. Wormadam can use Frustration to earn four Appeal, but has no way to reliably move last. It can be a fine competitor but is far from the best.

6 Buneary Is A Very Cute Little Bunny

Rabbits are cute, and Buneary is no exception. This little creature makes a great Cute competitor for Sinnoh’s Super Contests. It can use Sleep Talk to earn three Appeal, but can also swap to Bounce.

This move earns just one Appeal, but can earn up to four if no other Pokémon has chosen the same Judge. This is a risky play, but with the Cute contest’s lack of possible combinations, it’s a decent strategy for winning.

5 Shiftry Seems Mean But Is Actually Quite Cute

Shiftry is a good competitor in several different Super Contest categories, with Cute being possibly the most surprising. It can use Nasty Plot to set itself up for double points next turn, and can also use Mud-Slap if transferred from Generation III or IV, which earns three Appeal. With its nasty glare and wicked disposition, Shiftry might not seem like the best match for a Cute contest, but it works surprisingly well.

4 Slowpoke Is A Forgetful Cutie

The Dopey Pokémon, like many Cute contestants, doesn’t rely on any particularly complex strategies. This is perhaps fitting for a Pokémon said to be “always vacantly lost in thought.” It can use Amnesia to double its next score, plus Water Gun to earn three Appeal. Slowpoke has long been a fan-favorite among Pokémon fans, so it’s a good choice for Cute contests.

3 Azumarill Is Another Cute Rabbit

Azumarill gained the Fairy type in Generation VI, adding an extra element of cuteness to the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon. It is one of only a handful of Pokémon that can use Belly Drum, which in Cute contests doubles the score on the following turn. Aqua Tail can be used to earn three Appeal as well, making Azumarill a decent Cute competitor.

2 Ludicolo Can Keep Up The Voltage

Cute Pokémon like to keep things simple, and as such there are very few combo moves in the Cute category. Ludicolo is one of the few Pokémon that can interact with the Voltage meter in the Cute category.

It has access to Encore, which earns four Appeal if two Pokémon raise the voltage in a row. Swagger can also be used to ensure that Voltage doesn’t go down on the same turn, in addition to earning two Appeal.

1 Exploud Makes Sure Voltage Stays Down

It’s slightly easier to take advantage of a low Voltage meter in a Cute Super Contest than a high one. Exploud can use Uproar to lower the Voltage of all Judges, in addition to earning two Appeal. It can also use Protect, which raises the score if the Voltage is low. This combination is one of the few possible with Cute contests, making Exploud a fantastic competitor.

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