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Vince Gilligan discusses chances of ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off about Walt Jr

"Every now and then I find myself thinking about those characters, daydreaming about what would have happened to them"

Writer and director Vince Gilligan has discussed the possible chances of getting a Breaking Bad spin-off about Walt Jr in the future.

In a new interview with Variety, Gilligan said he often thinks about the characters and what they might be up to now and discussed some possible spin-off ideas for the show – including one about Walter White’s (played by Bryan Cranston) son in the show, Walt Jr (RJ Mitte).

He said: “Every now and then I find myself thinking about those characters, daydreaming about what would have happened to them. Anna Gunn [who played Walt’s wife, Skyler] and RJ Mitte are such wonderful people playing such interesting roles that I can’t help but want a happy ending for them.

“When Breaking Bad ends, it’s not a very happy ending for those characters at all, but it is presented that their lives go on. I’d like to believe things get better for them. I’d hate the thought of Walt Jr. following in Walt’s footsteps in the crime business. That’s probably the kind of thing somebody will pitch 10 or 15 years from now — Walter Jr. as an Albuquerque crime lord succeeding where his father failed.

'Breaking Bad'
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in ‘Breaking Bad’. Credit: AMC

“I could pretty much guarantee right now that I have no interest in seeing that happen. That’d be a sad tribute to the show. It’s fun thinking about what would happen to the characters, but it doesn’t rise to the level of, ‘Gee, I’d like to tell more about the story.’ But who knows, in a few years maybe.”

He went on to say that it would be “doubtful as hell” that such a spin-off would arrive.
He added: “The only attractive thing about that idea is working with RJ Mitte again because he’s a wonderful actor and sweet guy. But that would be depressing as hell. That would be the wrong lesson from the show, if there are any lessons at all to be gleaned from it.”

Reflecting on it being ten years since the show’s finale, Gilligan added: “I’m very proud of it, and I have to stress that it was a group effort. I had wonderful writers and we strained our brains mightily to tie everything together.

“I think the one thing we got wrong was Aaron Paul’s teeth. They’re too damn perfect! For a guy who got beaten up as much as he did and smoked that much meth, his teeth would not look so beautiful. We probably did the country a disservice, but having said that, Aaron’s easy on the eyes so that was just as well for folks watching.”

Back in August, actor Bryan Cranston has described his Breaking Bad co-star Mark Margolis as a “lovely human being” in a tribute following his death aged 83.

The actor died on August 3 following a short illness in New York City’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, as confirmed by his son Morgan.

In a post on Instagram, Cranston, who played Walter White opposite Margolis’ drug kingpin character Hector Salamanca in the AMC series, wrote: “I am very saddened today to learn of a friend’s passing.

“Mark Margolis was a really good actor and a lovely human being. Fun and engaging off the set, and (in the case of Breaking Bad and Your Honor) intimidating and frightening on set.

“His quiet energy belied his mischievous nature and curious mind… And he loved sharing a good joke. I miss him already. Rest now, Mark and thank you for your friendship and your exceptional body of work.”

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