The Sopranos

Walter White vs Tony Soprano: Face Off

As far a TV anti-heroes go, Bryan Cranston’s Walter White and James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano are among the best, but who’s better?

The Sopranos‘s Tony Soprano and Breaking Bad‘s Walter White are two of the most memorable TV leads ever. Both are family men who also happen to be criminal masterminds – and murderous ones at that. Both roles made the men that played them, James Gandolfini and Bryan Cranston, superstars and each show are routinely cited as one of the best ever made. But who wins in a battle royale between the two?

In this episode of Face Off, which is written and edited by Matthew Hacunda, and narrated by Shawn Knippleberg, we dive into an all-out gangster war between the two. While Tony Soprano, the head of a New Jersey Mafia crew, may seemingly have the muscle, don’t count out the cold-blooded Walter White. In this face-off, we compare what makes each man such a fascinating anti-hero, with both capable of horrible acts but still maintaining your sympathy, for the most part, due to how complex they are. We compare how they exist as family men, how smart they are as criminals, and who is the most sympathetic.

Of course, this is all just our opinion. As The Sopranos and Breaking Bad are among the greatest – and most watched – shows ever made, everyone is entitled to their opinion so make sure to let us know in the comments below! Who is better – James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano or Bryan Cranston’s Walter White?

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