What Happened To The Batman Versus Godzilla Crossover?

Way back in the '60s, there was an idea for Batman to take on Godzilla.

DC Comics has been a mainstay in the world of comics for decades, and they have crafted timeless stories and characters that continue to leave fans speechless. The publisher has since conquered all forms of media, notably film, with some of their movies being nominated for Academy Awards.

Batman remains one of the most iconic heroes in history, and he has been carrying the banner for DC since his debut. Batman has fueled many stories, making him a popular pick for major projects. Sometimes, these project ideas are scrapped. One such project was going to be a massive crossover.

Let’s take a look at what little is known about Batman taking on Godzilla.

Batman Is An Iconic Hero

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger decades ago, Batman has turned into one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time. The Caped Crusader has undergone many tonal shifts throughout the years, and through it all, he has remained as popular and as relevant as ever before.

Batman made his official debut in Detective Comics #27, which hit shelves back in May 1939. In his first adventure, Batman uses his keen detective skills to solve a murder, something that has remained a hallmark of his character to this very day. Little did the publisher know at the time that the character would catch on so quickly with fans.

Since that fateful issue of Detective Comics, Batman has evolved in profound ways. He has been a fixture in the comics, on the big and small screen, and has even starred in some of the best video games in modern history. All takes on the character are unique in their own way, and with the upcoming movie, The Batman, gearing up to hit theaters soon, fans will get a fresh take on the hero once again.

As great as Batman is on his own, we have had the chance to see him in crossover action with some truly cool figures.

‘Batman’ Had Crossover Stories

Crossover media is nothing new, and there have been some genuinely fantastic crossovers that have taken place in multiple franchises. Because Batman is one of the most famous fictional characters in history, it makes sense that he has had his share of fantastic crossover stories.

A recent crossover event that springs to mind is Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which was a crossover comic that was developed into an animated movie. The Heroes in Half Shell and the Dark Knight wound up being a fantastic pairing, and fans would love to see them work together again.

Batman has also had crossovers with the Power Rangers, The Shadow, Scooby-Doo, Spawn, and even many of Marvel’s greatest heroes. These stories aren’t always winners, but when done right, they function as entertaining stories that help the Dark Knight get out of his own element.

Of course, there are plenty of proposed crossover ideas that never come to fruition. Hollywood is always looking for something that can make millions, and there have been some wild story ideas that ended up being scrapped. A crossover between Men in Black and 21 Jump Street, for instance, is one that never actually came together.

Decades ago, a crossover story featuring Batman and one of the most famous monsters in history was conceived.

‘Batman’ Was Going To Take On Godzilla

This may be hard for some to wrap their head around, but at one point, there was genuine interest in Batman taking on Godzilla on the big screen.

The idea for this movie sprang to life back in the 1960s just before Adam West’s Batman hit the small screen.

“Sekizawa’s idea was for Godzilla to face off against Batman. The plan was for Toho to try to repeat the success of King Kong vs. Godzilla by coming up with another crossover film. Batman vs. Godzilla would have featured at least two key Batman characters, Robin and Commissioner Gordon, and possibly more. Godzilla would have been mind-controlled, which could mean that a Batman villain might have been the film’s main antagonist. A weather-controlling machine was also thrown into the mix,” writes ScreenRant.

As if this wasn’t wild enough, Batman was also going to deploy some of his most iconic vehicles to take on the King of the Monsters.

As interesting as this idea was on paper, it was simply not meant to be. The movie never gained any traction, and eventually, the idea was completely abandoned.

A movie featuring Batman taking down Godzilla could have been a fun flick for fans, but it just turned into another crossover that never came together.

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