What Happens In Malena: Know The Movie Plot Of The Monica Bellucci Starrer

What happens in Malena movie plot and Why did Malena cut her hair? Read all about the Monica Bellucci starrer movie Malena which released in the year 2000.

Malena is a romantic tragedy drama released in 2000 featuring Monica Bellucci and Giuseppe Sulfaro in lead roles. It was directed and written by Giuseppe Tornatore. The film was inspired by a story written by Luciano Vincenzoni. Malena won the Grand Prix award at the 2001 Cabourg Film Festival as well. While it was also nominated for an Academy Award as well as Golden Globe Award.

Malena movie plot; What happens in Malena?

Malena tells the story of a woman who suffering misfortune due to her solitude and beauty. Her bad luck starts after her husband gets deputed to work in the army in a different country. At that time during 1941, Malena believes that she is a widow after she gets news that her husband got killed in the war. The plot is based in a village in Sicily, where a 13-year-old feels attracted towards the most beautiful woman in the village, Malena. Because of his attraction towards her, he learns many lessons in life. The cast of Malena includes Monica Bellucci as Malèna, Giuseppe Sulfaro as Renato Amoroso, Luciano Federico as Renato’s father, Matilde Piana as Renato’s mother, Pietro Notarianni as Bonsignore, the teacher, and Gaetano Aronica as Nino Scordia.

Why did Malena cut her hair?

Malena is shown to cut off her hair and colour her hair red as well. She does that when she is completely broke and no one offers her job. She cuts off her hair into a bob cut before she becomes a prostitute. Her hair is also cut after a group of women beat her and is dragged outside the hotel. 

Malena ending explained

The romantic tragedy has a bittersweet ending. When the Germans leave from the Italian town, the American troops enter. While the women drag out Malena from the hotel ripping off her clothes and beating her. Malena leaves the town after that incident. After a few days, her husband Nino comes back and ask for his wife, while Renato helps him by giving the address of Malena as no one else helps him out. A year later when Nino and Malena stroll the city of Messina, women in the market notice that she had grown old and start respecting her. In the last few moments of the movie Renato and Malena finally, talk when Renato helps her pick up the fallen vegetables out of her bag. Renato realises that she will be the only woman that he can never forget. 

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