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Which Breaking Bad Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac?

Breaking Bad gave viewers a world filled with all types of shady and virtuous characters who would match perfectly with any zodiac sign!

There’s a reason that Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television shows of all time, and that is mainly down to how fantastic the characters were. There was such a varied and detailed cast with each member having a very specific personality type, which all added to the plot in their own unique manner.

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While the show certainly wasn’t romantic by any stretch, love did play a part in some moments and the characters did give glimpses as to their romantic sides. But out of those characters on the show, which would be your soulmate? Utilizing the zodiac system and the traits that they typically look for within a romantic partner, we can determine which Breaking Bad character you’d be perfectly suited to.

Aries – Tuco Salamanca

While nobody wants to get on the wrong side of Tuco Salamanca and his serious anger issues, he would actually be a fantastic soulmate for an Aries. The main reason for that is because of his confidence. While a lot of that comes from all the drugs he takes, there is no doubt that Tuco believes in himself.

An Aries likes to see someone with a little swagger like Tuco, as they can be turned off by people who are insecure and struggle with self-doubt. So, while he might not be the nicest person around, he is a perfect choice for anyone in this zodiac.

Taurus – Walt Jr.

Walt Jr. at breakfast table in Breaking Bad

Walt Jr. is the perfect person for a Taurus because he is loyal and dependable. Loyalty is something that isn’t very common within the world of Breaking Bad, and Walt Jr. is the best example of it. This is typically what a Taurus looks for in a partner, hoping to find someone who will always look out for them, that they can trust.

Walt Jr. trusts his family heavily throughout the series, especially his father. Even though he finds out that his father is a criminal in the end, prior to that he sticks with him and when he sees the truth, his loyalty to his mother is equally as commendable.

Gemini – Gus Fring

Gus Fring is one of the most intelligent characters within Breaking Bad as he is someone who always seems to have a trick up his sleeve in countering his enemies. Gus is incredibly smart and really builds his empire strongly, constantly pushing others to help him really increase his finances.

Those in the Gemini zodiac type really enjoy being intellectually stimulant with their partners and that is something that Gus can absolutely provide. Because, while he might be a criminal, he rarely gets his own hands dirty and is fantastic at talking through any problems.

Cancer – Hank Schrader

Dean Norris as Hank Schrader in Better Call Saul

Hank Schrader is one of the best characters throughout Breaking Bad, bringing a fantastic mix of comedy and seriousness throughout the show. He is always fighting for his family and everything he does is for them, which is why he’d be a strong soulmate for a Cancer zodiac.

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Those in this zodiac typically like to find someone who can look after them, protect them. That isn’t just physically either, but also in terms of finances, and Hank certainly has a very stable job within the police department.

Leo – Mike Ehrmantraut

An image of Mike looking concerned in Breaking Bad

Mike Ehrmantraut might not appear to be scary or someone that is very dangerous, but he just so happens to be one of the most deadly people on the show. He’s someone who is capable of sorting any problems, whether it be getting rid of people by any means necessary or cleaning up any problems others face.

He’s the man Gus is happy to go to and Walt and Jesse also end up utilising him. He’s ideal for a Leo soulmate because he is someone who is dominant and powerful, which is what a Leo enjoys.

Virgo – Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman sips coffee as he listens to Jesse talk about cutting off Walt in Breaking Bad

Because people in the Virgo zodiac sign can struggle when it comes to forgetting any issues, often holding grudges, they look for someone who can be trusted within their partner. While Saul Goodman is happy to cheat and take any means necessary to get the results he wants for his clients.

That is the sense of loyalty that a Virgo looks for because they want someone who they don’t need to worry about. Saul certainly is a trustworthy person, as he doesn’t let his clients down, no matter the problem.

Libra – Ted Beneke

Ted Beneke rs

Ted Beneke wasn’t in the show for all of the series, but he certainly had an impact during his time in the series. He’s someone who does make mistakes throughout with his business, but he does really care about Skyler, which is certainly not the case for other characters.

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They begin their brief fling as friends before taking things more seriously, and that is what makes him a perfect Libra soulmate. Those in this zodiac enjoy finding someone they can enjoy being friends with as well as partners, and that is what Ted provides.

Scorpio – Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman looking serious in Breaking Bad

People who are in the Scorpio zodiac aren’t always the easiest to deal with, but when they find a soulmate they often look for someone who is open emotionally. That is certainly the case for Jesse Pinkman, as he might be a criminal who happily cooks drugs, but he is also very sensitive.

He struggles a lot with his emotions throughout the series, often flying off the handle with incredible happiness or sadness, but that is something a Scorpio would like to be with. They appreciate people who don’t hide their feelings and that is certainly not the case with Jesse.

Sagittarius – Walter White

Walter White is the lead character of Breaking Bad and one of the best characters in television history. He may prove himself to be a terrible partner in the end to his wife, but the start of his poor decision making is all in her best interests.

One thing that Walter White has is confidence, which is something that a Sagittarius wants. When he becomes Heisenberg, there is nothing that Walt won’t do. He is also someone who is willing to try new things, which a Sagittarius likes as they never want to be stuck in a rut, even if his big adventure is becoming a major criminal.

Capricorn – Skyler White

Skyler White

Skyler White was quite a controversial character on the show, with some audiences loving how she wouldn’t take any prisoners and was always happy to take matters into control, while others felt that she was annoying.

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However, one thing that is for certain is that she would be a great soulmate to a Capricorn. People in this zodiac appreciate people who stand up for themselves, as Skyler does. Yet, on the other hand, they like people who are soft and kind as well, wanting the best of both worlds which Skyler can offer.

Aquarius – Jane Margolis

A continuity error in Jane's posicle scene

One of the major elements of a soulmate that an Aquarius looks for is someone who is a great communicator and this is something that Jane absolutely is. While she might be a drug addict, when she is clean and sober, Jane shows amazing intelligence and fantastic communication skills.

It’s one of the big reasons why she connects so well with Jesse, with their talking skills almost being able to take him away from the world of drugs until Walter White gets involved.

Pisces – Marie Schrader

Marie Schrader smiling in Breaking Bad

Marie Schrader is someone who is firmly committed to her family, putting them first in everything that happens in the series. This is especially true with how she thinks about Hank, and her niece and nephew. She always looks out for them and even though she has her own flaws, that is something that makes her a great soulmate for a Pisces.

People within this zodiac are always looking to settle down and find someone who is willing to commit and spend time as a family, which is what Marie is certainly capable of providing. She’s caring and charming, and that makes her a perfect partner for a Pisces zodiac.

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