Which Downton Abbey Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac?

Downton Abbey was home to many different personalities from different social standings. Which character would be your soulmate based on your zodiac?

The award-winning series spanned 12 years, and fans followed the Granthams, their extended family, friends, and servants adjust to the sweeping changes of their times (including their vanishing way of life) as well as scandals, celebrations, heartbreak, and love affairs. Speaking of which…

For many of its characters, Downton Abbey was soulmate heaven: although she had a number of dalliances, Mary had Matthew until the car wreck, then in the final seasons there was Henry; Anna and Mr. Bates; Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes; Cora and Robert; Lady Edith and Bertie; Rose and Atticus; Isobel and Lord Dickie; Baxter and Molesley; Tom Branson and Lady Sybil (who crossed the upstairs/downstairs line)–and these are just the highest-profile couples. Who would you have matched up on the great English estate?

12Aries: Lady Mary

You’re fiery, impulsive, and strive to be the best; there’s also your need for physical affection. Partnering with you is not for the faint of heart that’s why Leo, the natural-born leader is for you. These regal rulers use their energy to protect those they love.

No one messes with Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery). She not only thinks who she is, but there’s action behind her words. When Downton starts to go down the tubes, it is she, a woman ahead of her time, who spearheads saving the estate to protect it for her family.

11Taurus: Cora Crawley

You, earth sign, are practical, but also a romantic who likes the finer things. On the positive side, you are sensual, on the other hand, you can be quite stubborn. You appreciate pragmatic Virgo’s eye for detail, and in turn, this earth sign is enchanted by you, helping them raise the bar.

Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) was an American heiress from Ohio who agreed to an arranged marriage because her mother wanted her to be a member of British nobility. In exchange, Cora’s inherited fortune would keep Downton from going bankrupt.

10Gemini: Lady Sybil

Oh, you social butterfly you. An air sign always looking for mental and physical stimulation. For you, opposites really do attract creating one fun-loving couple as Sagittarius–the archer–is always up for an adventure.

“I think it’s terrific that people make their own lives. Especially women.” And Sybbie certainly made hers. As the family rebel, she volunteered during World War I, became a political activist, and, ran off and married the chauffeur.

9Cancer: Anna Smith Bates

Well, water sign, you are one sensitive creature who values trust and loyalty in a partner. Cancers and Capricorns may be opposites signs but they both enjoy creating a home.

Despite some of the bad fortune thrown her way in her relationship with husband John Bates, Lady’s maid Anna (Joanne Froggatt) remained loyal and positive, eventually able to create a happy home for the two of them.

8Leo: Mr. Bates

You never let anyone forget that you are king/queen of the jungle. As a fire sign, you are passionate, creative, and believe in the royal treatment. You burn brightest when with another fire sign such as Aries, an unstoppable warrior as well as your champion.

He survived prison and lives with the pain from his leg brace because of wounds sustained in the Boer War. He’s not a guy whose bad side you want to be on (just ask Thomas the footman.) After Bates found out his wife Anna was assaulted by a visiting valet, fans couldn’t believe he let the guy live to see the next episode.

7Virgo: Lady Edith

You are an extreme intellectual, always making lists and paying attention to detail. Although you feel most grounded with fellow earth signs, it is the water sign Pisces that makes your best match because you both love being helpful; you lending a practical hand and fish sign healing with emotion.

Edith (Laura Carmichael) is the Jan Brady of the Crawley clan, who lived to help others to prove her worth. She volunteers to tend to the wounded during the war and uses her voice as a columnist then editor to bring attention to class distinctions.

6Libra: Tom Branson

You are quite the connoisseur, strolling galleries, going to wine tastings, and shopping for quality goods. You elevate the taste of an Aquarius, who in turn elevates your awareness for social justice.

What a little rabble-rouser is Tom (Allen Leech) Branson (a name in the top 10 Downton inspired baby names), the Irish driver for the aristocracy he believes shouldn’t exist. He’s always stayed true to his socialist ways, even after becoming part of the family and Downton’s estate manager.

5Scorpio: Mrs. Hughes

You are fierce and powerful with relentless dedication. Fellow water sign Cancer embraces your intensity because of his/her intense sensitivity. They are loyal and loving.

“You’re such an old curmudgeon, [but] you’re MY curmudgeon and that makes all the difference.” Elsie Hughes Carson, the head housekeeper, is the consummate caregiver, not only for her employers, but the staff, her husband, and, it was revealed, for her sister who needs constant care requiring Mrs. Hughes’ entire savings.

4Sagittarius: Lady Rose

Always up for an adventure, this fire sign (more like wildfire) is also a gifted storyteller with a great sense of humor, who values freedom. Your opposite Gemini is a great match because you both believe in living life to the fullest and support each other’s journeys.

She was described as “quite a character,” and lived up to it. Rose (Lily James) the rule-breaker is always on the hunt for fun and excitement. She’s open to new ideas and social change, engaging in two forbidden romances: one with Jack Ross, a black musician, and the other with her eventual husband, Atticus Aldridge, an heir from a prominent Jewish family.

3Capricorn: Lord Grantham

Working hard to build a secure life with a solid foundation is your thing. Earth sign Taurus appreciates your stability while you appreciate being taught to live with more gusto and introduced to life’s finer things.

Robert Crawley, 7th Earl of Grantham, Viscount Downton (Hugh Bonneville) grew up in the glow of the aristocracy, however, saw his fortune drained by the upkeep of owning Downton Abbey so agreed to marry for practical reasons (his wife’s dowry) but eventually fell in love with her, and they and their daughters continued to live the high life.

2Aquarius: Henry Talbot

You believe your job in life is to improve society with revolution and inspiring ideas. Your involvement with the dapper Libra encourages you to take a break from changing the world to experiencing their appreciation for culture and the finer things.

Henry (Matthew Goode) is a distinguished gentleman and racecar driver whose father is a member of Parliament. Even though he was not financially equal to Lady Mary, he refers to himself as “an eccentric, and maybe even exciting, choice.” He clearly helped her take her mind off saving Downton from time to time.

1Pisces: Mr. Carson

You are open-minded, creative, and a bit clairvoyant. Scorpios are a great match because they possess the gift of being simultaneously emotional and grounded.

Carson (Jim Carter) takes his job as butler of the estate very seriously, is very strict with the staff, and has a deep respect for the “upstairs” world. At the same time, he showers the staff as well as the Crawleys with fatherly concern.

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