Who Is Jaiden Animations, Where Is She From? Here Are Facts To Know About Her

With the availability of advanced software, YouTubers continue to show the world that they can create high-quality cartoons and other objects easily on the computer. Some prominent cartoonists like Jaiden Animations even bring their own personal interests into the animation business, and they have always been spectacular. Apart from creating content and animating a whole lot of things, Jaiden is very popular because of its amazing personality and humor.

In the world of animation and the internet in general, she holds the record as one of the world’s best female animators. She easily competes with people like EddsWorld, TheOdd1sout, Oneyng, Egoraptor, TomSka, Domics, and Harry Partridge. Jaiden also has online communities with hundreds of thousands of fans, and her videos have been viewed millions of times over the years.

In this article, you will learn who the animation star from Arizona is, where she comes from, and other interesting facts about the multi-talented online sensation

Who is Jaiden Animations?

Jaiden Animations, born Jaiden Dittfach, is a YouTube sensation known for developing and uploading brilliant animated stories, stories about her life and her parents, speed art illustrations of Pokémon, funny facts about herself, animations from other YouTubers’ videos, and much more on her YouTube channel Jaiden Animations.

The talented YouTuber launched her channel on February 16, 2014, and in the same year she presented her first video entitled “JaidenAnimations Intro”. Since then she has created wonderful content for her fans. Jaiden occasionally blogs with her pet bird Ari. During her flourishing career, the beautiful animator has teamed up with popular YouTubers such as TonyvToons, Rebecca Parham, TheOdd1sOut (who is also from Arizona), and Jazz, whose YouTube channel is called Draw with Jazza. She has also created a collection of “I Has Cupquake Animated” videos, which she makes available in equal parts on her channel.

Who Is Jaiden Animations, Where Is She From? Here Are Facts To Know About Her

Her YouTube channel has over 4.7 million subscribers and 500 million hits. Her most notable animated videos include “Things that Freak Me Out,” “theodd1sout and I Complain about Arizona,” and “My School Stories. In addition to YouTube, she also runs her business on Instagram and Twitter.

Jaiden received her high school education at Red Mountain High School, then enrolled at the University of Arizona. During her childhood, she was very good at playing casual video games and drawing. As she grew older, she developed a strong interest in sports and even participated in competitive sports like karate and tennis.

Where is She From?

The animator comes from Mesa, Arizona, in the United States of America. She was born there on September 27, 1997, the daughter of a Japanese mother and a father of Caucasian descent. Although their names are not known to the public, we can confirm that they are also parents of Jaiden’s younger brother Jax. YouTuber shares a special bond with her only brother, and she has several friends, many of whom are her co-animators and YouTubers.

Here Are Facts To Know About Jaiden Animations

1. Apart from animation, Jaiden is familiar with video recordings, drawings, piano, soundtracks, and violin.

2. Recently Jaiden shot a music video called “Empty” with the popular hip-hop artist Boyinaband (nee David Brown). The video reflects her experiences with bulimia and anorexia during her college years.

3. The cartoonist once dyed her hair purple to look like iHasCupquake, which is one of her favorite YouTubers

4. Sometime in 2017, she created an animation for YouTube Rewind 2017

5. She is vegan. She recently became a vegan for a week after theOdd1sOut nominated her for a 7-day vegan challenge.

6. She is 1.80 m tall and weighs 55 kilograms. The color of her hair is dark brown and her eyes are brown.

7. Jaiden’s favorite color is purple.

8. Her sexual orientation is heterosexual

9. Her net worth is estimated at 600,000 dollars.

10. The animator loves to keep information about her love life under wraps. Not much is known about her relationship status at the moment. But there are strong indications that she might be single, as she has never had a boyfriend in the past or present, or rumored to be with anyone.

11. Jaiden Animations did not take any animation classes, she taught herself how to create the video format.

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