Who Loves Ya Baby? – Mind Your Language

Who Loves Ya Baby?” is the second episode of the third season of Mind Your Language. It was first broadcast on the 3rd of November 1979.


Danielle brings her host family’s baby to school. He goes missing, but is found by Miss Courtney and taken to her office. While Miss Courtney and Mr. Brown are gone, Gladys finds the baby and takes him to the tearoom for some milk, and Mr. Brown goes out the window thinking the baby crawled out. He gets locked outside and nearly falls off the ledge, but gets into his classroom through the window. The baby is with Danielle. Miss Courtney comes into the classroom and asks why the baby is there. Mr. Brown answers and the show ends.


(Juan meets the Barkley baby.)

Juan: Eh…nice little boy.

Ranjeet: How are you knowing he’s a little boy?

Juan: Easy. He’s got what every little boy has: blue clothes.


  • Danielle says the Barkley baby is 9 months old, which means he was born in February 1979 if this episode takes place on its air date.

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