Who’s Stronger – Al Bundy or Terminator T-800?

This is serious, what if Terminator go mad for some reason? Who will save the world?

Surely the world will not be saved by superhero like Superman, because it can only be saved by Women’s shoe salesman. They are brave man who see strange things every day. This is a real power, not muscle.

Therefore, for some reason the termination has begun, and the world needs Al Bundy help, so the battle begins. It’s going to be epic.

Lets Rock

al bundy fights

This is going to be the biggest superhero rivalry ever. So Terminator T-800 strikes first, but that’s nothing for Al Bundy. So normally Bundy strikes back.

He defeated Terminator T-800, and he saved the world.

A lot of people will think that the Terminator T-800 is stronger than Al Bundy, but as you can see Bundy will eventually get stronger.

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