Why Some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fans Think Quaxly Will be a Water/Fighting Type

Many are curious about the final evolutions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's starters, and just as many think that Quaxly will be Water/Fighting.

Even though it’s been over two months since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were announced, speculation and rumor are still rampant about the game. Most, obviously, concern the three new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters: Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly. Fans have deduced a few elements of these Pokemon, leading to various theories.

Some believe Fuecoco will be a Fire/Ghost or Fire/Steel due to an association with a Ghost Pepper or a Cucafera, while some also think Sprigatito will be Grass/Fairy due to its association with Flamenco dancing. Of course, nothing is certain until Game Freak pulls back the curtain on their evolutions, but there’s some pretty convincing evidence that Quaxly could be a Water/Fighting-type.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Quaxly’s Final Evolution

In the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announcement trailer, there is one scene where three pictures in a house are identifiable. Many believe these are design teases for each of the starters. One of these is a food painting, likely connecting to Fuecoco’s design, and it would be fitting if Fuecoco was based on a Cucafera. The second shows a flamenco dancer, which would have to connect to Sprigatito, and Grass/Fairy is not a far cry from that design. The third picture shows a windmill.

Obviously, this is not to suggest that Quaxly will evolve into a windmill, but it establishes what many fans believed: Quaxly is based on Don Quixote. There is a famous scene in the novel where he attacks windmills believing them to be giants, and so the connection between the two is strengthened.

Now, Don Quixote is on a quest to become a Knight and is all about Knighthood; Quaxly looks squire-ly enough that an eventual evolution into a Knight makes sense. And if Quaxly’s final form in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet adopts a regal, knightly stature, then Water/Fighting is the most logical conclusion.

This would be interesting because there has never been a Water/Fighting starter (as opposed to Fire/Fighting starters in the Pokemon franchise). In fact, half of all current Water starters remain pure Water-types. This is the case for Blastoise, Feraligatr, Samurott (except in Pokemon Legends: Arceus), and Inteleon. Swampert (Water/Ground), Empoleon (Water/Steel), Greninja (Water/Dark), and Primarina (Water/Fairy) are the others.

One could look at this as a pattern, and it could be worrying about Quaxly being a pure Water-type. At this time, though, next to nothing is known. What is clear is how many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans want dual-type starters, and for Quaxly, Water/Fighting could be an interesting fit.

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