‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Talks ‘Excessive’ Schedule Working on Nine Shows at Once

You have ambition and then you have “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan. Currently, fans anxiously await the return of “Yellowstone” with season five. At the same time, Taylor Sheridan is working on nine different shows at once. While aiming to push them near perfection, he’s shared the realities of the “excessive” schedule he’s enduring.

“This volume of work is not sustainable for a long period of time,” the “Yellowstone” icon began. But, despite the hardships, not to mention the vast number of cast and crew members he’s working with, he’s reveling in the success of his collection of Paramount series.

In outputting nine shows simultaneously, Sheridan said, “it’s an opportunity to tell stories the way I want to tell them with a creative freedom that just doesn’t exist in this space. And so I kind of have to take advantage of it.”

“Taking advantage” of his current success might be an understatement. Regardless, we’ve listed his nine projects, aside from “Yellowstone” season five, below. Check it out.

‘Yellowstone’ Creator’s Current Projects:

  • “1883“— starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott; concluded in February 2022
  • “1932“—no cast has been announced yet, but we can assure Outsiders that the second “Yellowstone” prequel will follow “1883” character John Dutton Sr. played by young actor Audie Rick in the prior spin-off
  • “6666“—”Yellowstone’s” only modern-day spin-off, likely to follow beloved character Jimmy Hurdstrom as he establishes himself at the Texas ranch
  • “Mayor of Kingstown”—starring Jeremy Renner; a Taylor Sheridan piece unassociated with “Yellowstone”
  • “Tulsa King”—starring Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone; Variety described the show as a “mob drama”
  • “Lioness”—a Taylor Sheridan thriller and a far cry from “Yellowstone,” we follow actress Zoe Saldaña, with Nicole Kidman as producer, in an exciting series based on a real-life military program
  • “Bass Reeves”—starring David Oyelowo; the true story of the first Black U.S. Marshal working west of Mississippi
  • “Land Man”—starring iconic actor Billy Bob Thornton; based around the contemporary realities of Texas oil companies and crisis managers

Every single one of the “Yellowstone” creator’s projects is appealing and exciting. However, given the grueling schedule, Sheridan did admit, “I don’t necessarily want to be doing this when I’m 70. I don’t know that I want to be doing it when I’m 60.”

He concluded, “I’d rather work real hard to do it now.”

To give you “Yellowstone” fans some perspective, Taylor Sheridan is currently 51 years old.

Sylvester Stallone Excited to Work with Taylor Sheridan

It’s hard to think of Sylvester Stallone as anything but calm, extremely cool, and collected. However, in speaking with Variety, Taylor Sheridan revealed the iconic actor, director, and producer had been going “stir-crazy” amid early pandemic lock-downs and was more than willing to collaborate on a project. And thus, “Tulsa King” was born.

In speaking of his upcoming role and Taylor Sheridan’s current project, Sylvester Stallone said, “‘Tulsa King’ is a very interesting story. [Dwight ‘The General’ Manfredi’s] a lifetime gangster. He took the fall for his bosses and went to prison for 25 years, kept his mouth shut, and now he comes out. Next thing you know, he’s in Tulsa.”

The “Yellowstone” creator has already initiated filming for “Tulsa King,” though there’s still little word regarding development on “Yellowstone” season five.

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