‘Yellowstone’: Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot Mo Brings Plenty in ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Trailer

Sharp-eyed “Yellowstone” fans know their beloved actors; put Luke Grimes in a lineup with Garrett Hedlund and Max Thieriot from 100 yards away and they’d be able to pick out Kayce Dutton in a heartbeat. Similarly, “Yellowstone” fans spotted Mo Brings Plenty in a snippet of the trailer for the new “Jurassic World: Dominion” film.

According to IMDb, Mo Brings Plenty will be playing a character named Shep Wauneka in the new film. There’s a scene in the trailer of him riding a horse alongside Chris Pratt’s character Owen Grady. Currently, there’s no information on his character or even a photo beyond his brief appearance in the trailer. The fact that his character has a last name, though, makes it seem like he’s pretty important. He’s not listed on the cast list, though, which makes me think he has a very minor role. Still, it’ll be fun to see our favorite “Yellowstone” actor in a big-budget picture like “Jurassic World.”

Mo Brings Plenty To Appear in ‘Jurassic World,’ Also Recently Spoke About Native American Stereotypes

Actor, activist, and devoted rancher Mo Brings Plenty recently did an interview with Cowboys & Indians Magazine; there, he spoke about working and living on a ranch, how he rehabilitates horses and shared a story of saving an injured cow from drowning. He also touched on his cultural identity and how he celebrates his heritage and culture.

From watching him on “Yellowstone,” we already know that Mo Brings Plenty has a deep connection to his culture. He brings that to the show; his character is extremely knowledgeable about traditions, ceremonies, and myths. That’s because both the character and Mo Brings Plenty grew up on a reservation. They grew up surrounded by their culture and language and carried that on into their adult lives.

When asked about the first time he saw a positive representation of Native Americans in popular media, Brings Plenty answered immediately, “‘Dances With Wolves’,” which famously starred fellow “Yellowstone” actor Kevin Costner. “That was the very first movie,” he continued. “And it came at a very appropriate time in my life as well. Because growing up on the reservation, you struggle between an ever-changing society and your true cultural identity. So the struggle was very legit and very real.”

Brings Plenty Talks Cultural Identity

“You look at your identity and how people perceived who we are,” he continued in the interview. “It was always we come from an impoverished area, we’re alcoholics, and so on and so forth. And I didn’t come from any of that. I came from a very wealthy cultural family. Our people were rich in our culture, our language is still here, there’s so much of the past that’s still here. So for me, I didn’t know we were poor.”

The “Yellowstone” star shared that his father instilled an important lesson in him and his brother, and as Mo Brings Plenty said, “‘To live is to move, to move is to live.’ And prepare, always be prepared.”

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