‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes on What Immediately Attracted Him to Role of Kayce Dutton

“Yellowstone” star Luke Grimes has seen major success since he was cast in the role of Kayce Dutton, despite having held significant roles in big films like “American Sniper” and even “Fifty Shades of Grey” prior. However, now he’s preparing to kick off season five of “Yellowstone” as Kayce Dutton. And ahead of the upcoming season, Grimes shared the one factor that immediately drew him to his character.

“I remember seeing ‘Sicario’ and ‘Hell or High Water,’” Grimes began while speaking with Gold Derby‘s Rob Lecouria. The films, “Sicario” and “Hell or High Water,” the latter of which is available to stream on Netflix, are the first two of Taylor Sheridan‘s trilogy concluding with “Wind River.”

Of those films, the Kayce Dutton actor said, “there’s something about…the world that [Taylor Sheridan] creates [that is] just so intense…and such a gut punch.”

That might be a turn-off for some viewers. But for the “Yellowstone” star, it’s exactly what drew him to Taylor Sheridan’s work and to the show overall.

“I was just intrigued by how he could create something that always…surprise[s] you, he always hooks you right in the beginning and then, you know, takes your breath away by the end.”

The above highlight some of the qualities present in Taylor Sheridan’s trilogy of films as seen through Like Grimes’ eyes. But the Kayce Dutton actor added, “I felt like ‘Yellowstone’ sort of did the same thing just as words on a page.”

Luke Grimes Moved to Montana After Accepting ‘Yellowstone’ Role as Kayce Dutton

Taylor Sheridan has seemingly changed Luke Grimes’ life and perspective after casting the actor as “Yellowstone” main character Kayce Dutton. Not only did the Western universe change Grimes’ path as an actor, but it also influenced his living preferences.

Spending so much time in one location will likely do one of two things. It either draws you toward it or drives you away from it. For Luke Grimes, after spending so much time on the set of “Yellowstone,” the former became his reality.

While speaking with Gold Derby, he said “the biggest and most obvious” way “Yellowstone” changed his life is that it influenced his choice to live in Montana.

“I live where we shoot the show,” he revealed during the interview. And though he’s not out on horseback every day as Kayce Dutton is, “Yellowstone” has definitely altered his priorities.

Before embedding himself within the world of “Yellowstone,” the actor shared he and his wife Bianca Rodrigues Grimes had lived in LA. When he would wrap shooting for the season, he added, “I’d go back to LA and feel like I was leaving home…so I’ve ended up moving to Montana now.”

Of his new home, Grimes said, “I’m definitely outside a lot more and my life is a lot slower. I love it.”

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