‘Yellowstone’: Meet ‘6666’ Actor Barry Corbin, Who Starred on ‘The Ranch’ and ‘M*A*S*H’

“Yellowstone” fans just might have a new favorite character after last night’s episode. Taylor Sheridan introduced us to Barry Corbin, who will play a cowboy on the Four-Sixes Ranch.

According to IMDb, his name on the show is Ross. Ross made quite an impression on fans when he debuted during Season 4 Episode 5, “Under a Blanket of Red.” When we first meet him, he’s sitting on a barrel waiting for Jimmy to wake up. The cowboy even brought breakfast for the Yellowstone ranch hand, telling him to make it into a sandwich.

When Jimmy tells Ross that he’s the new cowboy, Ross roasts him with, “You’re not a cowboy.” He doesn’t say it maliciously, just factually. Ross knows what being a cowboy is all about, and he tells Jimmy about it during the episode. Part of what makes Ross so great during the episode is how sincerely Corbin portrays him.

Corbin is familiar with playing cowboys and Westerners on TV shows and movies. On the Ashton Kucher and Sam Elliott show “The Ranch,” Corbin played Dale Rivers. In the iconic film “No Country for Old Men,” Corbin appeared at the end of the film as Ellis.

The “Yellowstone” actor also made a mark in the 1990s show “Northern Exposure,” where he played veteran Maurice J. Minnifield. Corbin scored two primetime Emmy nominations for that role.

Other places where you might have seen Corbin include “MAS*H,” “Dallas,” “Columbo,” “The Big Easy,” “Psych,” “One Tree Hill,” “The Closer,” “Suit Up,” “Modern Family,” and “Better Call Saul.” Many fans of “Yellowstone” recognized Corbin last night from one of his iconic shows or films. The next question is, will we see him on Sheridan’s upcoming spin-off series “6666?”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Barry Corbin Imparts Some Wisdom on Jimmy

We see Barry Corbin appear in two key scenes during “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 5. At first, Corbin’s character Ross talks to Jimmy about what it means to be a cowboy.

“It’s the most glorious work you can do that nobody ever sees,” Ross says. “Takes every inch of you. You’re gonna risk your life, and your horse’s life. And nobody knows if you won or if you lost. It’s art without an audience, till the day you die.”

He concludes, “Now you gotta want this life. You’ve got to want it all the way to your bones. And if you don’t, it can be absolute hell on earth.”

Jimmy admits he doesn’t know what he wants. But he better find out fast. Because the next time we see Jimmy, he wakes up next to Ross talking to none other than Buster Welch. Jimmy doesn’t really pay attention to the conversation between the two old men, but when he finds the cowboys who put him to work, they tell Jimmy he should’ve been listening to Ross and Buster.

Will we see more of the dynamic duo during “Yellowstone” Season 4? Or not until the premiere of “666?” Stay tuned to find out more, Outsiders.

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