‘Yellowstone’: Ryan Bingham Remembers First-Ever Scene With Beth Dutton Actress Kelly Reilly

For Yellowstone star Ryan Bingham, thinking about his first scene isn’t hard. After all, the dynamic Kelly Reilly was part of it. Beth Dutton is a world away from what Reilly herself is like. This is going to be a big year for Reilly and the show in general. A lot of folks expect the awards season to go the way of Taylor Sheridan and company.

Bingham talked about his costar, Reilly, and that first scene the two had together.

“Not at all, totally different,” Bingham said to US Weekly. “She’s like this super proper English lady. Which is also awesome, you know, she’s so kind. she’s like sit down and have a cup of tea in the afternoon. That was the first kind of scene I had on the show was with her. I met her previously, like a couple of days before.”

When it came down to meeting up and going over things, Yellowstone stars Ryan Bingham and Kelly Reilly actually sat down and did it the English way.

“We did the whole have a cup of tea in the afternoon, and just kind of said hi and got to know each other. Then I got on set with her and she turned into the character Beth and I’m like ‘Oh wow, where does this come from?’”

Her ability to go from her usual, proper, and British self, to the rough and emotionally unstable Beth Dutton is remarkable. That’s why Reilly is going to be up for an Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Drama. It was revealed that she would be up for nomination along with a list of heavy hitters.

For Yellowstone‘s Ryan Bingham, it’s back to focusing on the future of Walker.

Will Ryan Bingham and Walker be Back on ‘Yellowstone’?

One of the big questions going into Season 5 of Yellowstone – is Ryan Bringham going to be back? Will Walker come back to the Dutton Ranch or is he destined to stay at the 6666 Ranch? It’s hard to say. However, the actor did give some insight this month while talking to PopCulture.

“I think he’s been running from a lot of things in his past and not sure if he’d want to go back to where he just came from. So, I don’t know,” he explained. “I guess it would have to just depend on the incentives [for Walker].”

He went on to say, “There’s so many moving parts to [Yellowstone], and there’s so many different characters that he’s having to write for. I feel just kind of blessed and awesome to have the opportunity to get to be there.”

So, no word for sure on if Walker will be back on the Dutton ranch. However, there will be plenty of great stories to tell throughout the Sheridan universe and the Yellowstone timeline. It’s just getting started and with 11 million viewers, that’s a lot of folks tuning in.

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