‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Fans Predict Character Deaths Ahead of Finale

Full disclosure: These characters are NOT confirmed to die in the upcoming “Yellowstone” season finale! But it is fun to think about what risks the writers will take with the storyline at the end of this season.

We’ve already seen a few key characters die during Season 4. Roarke Morris epically died by rattlesnake in the very first episode. In Episode 8, fans cried over Sheriff Haskell’s emotional last phone call with his daughter after he got shot.

But so far, throughout four seasons of “Yellowstone,” none of the main Duttons have been killed. Or other central characters, like Rip Wheeler, Thomas Rainwater, or the bunkhouse boys. There’ve been several close calls, especially after that explosive Season 3 finale. But will the writers take the leap and finally kill off a crucial character this season?

Here’s what “Yellowstone” fans think. One fan started a Reddit poll asking which character is most likely to die during the upcoming finale. The poll only allows for six options, so they put down John, Jamie, Beth, Monica, Kayce, or Other. So basically, all the main Duttons or whoever else.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Vote That Monica is Most Likely to Die in Season 4 Finale

The voting still has two days and 19 hours left, but as of 3 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Dec. 28, most fans think Monica will bite the dust next episode.

It makes an awful sort of sense. She just revealed that she’s pregnant, setting fans up for an emotional and gut-wrenching scene if she does die. Plus, Kayce’s been searching for a new purpose all season long. Could avenging Monica’s death become his new mission? His spirit animal is the wolf, after all, which is known as the protector. But what if he can’t even protect his own family?

The second highest vote was for Other, meaning anyone besides the Duttons. Already, fans feared that Lloyd would see a trip to the train station after he stirred up trouble in the bunkhouse. Others could see Walker getting killed for his sad moment with Beth at the end of the last “Yellowstone” episode.

And, though we don’t even want to consider it, some fans worry that Rip Wheeler could be next on Taylor Sheridan’s kill list. Sheridan’s not afraid of a little foreshadowing, and at the beginning of Episode 9, Beth tells Rip, “I know nothing’s happening to you.”

Rip replies, “It’s gonna happen to me one day. It happens to us all.” It’s safe to say if that something does happen to Rip next episode, “Yellowstone” fans will riot.

Some think Garrett could be hit. That’s a high possibility, especially if the Duttons find out he ordered the attack on them. Though I think that that’s a conflict they’ll explore in Season 5, Garrett’s story arc could quickly end next episode if the Duttons immediately go and kill him for coming after them.

Do you have any character death predictions, Outsiders? Tell us your thoughts

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