‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Did Luke Grimes Just Hint at Kayce Ditching the Dutton Ranch?

We don’t know when “Yellowstone” season 5 is hitting, so we’re all content to throw around our theories about the end of season 4 and see what sticks, even Luke Grimes, who stars on the show as Kayce Dutton. He has his own theories about what his character saw in his vision, and what that intense ending of season 4 could mean for the Dutton family.

When Kayce completed his vision quest, he told Monica that he saw the “end of us.” Now, I’ve learned from “Yellowstone” not to take everything literally. There are always hidden meanings and symbolism, and this line is no different. I believe the “end of us” isn’t literally the end of Monica and Kayce as a married couple, but possibly the end of the Duttons or their way of life on the reservation. But, also, who knows? We have to wait for season 5 to know for sure.

But, Luke Grimes–who also shared when he thinks “Yellowstone” will end–gave his opinion freely to Entertainment Tonight, speaking alongside his on-screen wife Kelsey Asbille. “Yeah, but who knows? We might die tomorrow,” he said. “It’s kind of the Yellowstone [trademark]. We never know what’s next, you know? We’re sorta on the ride with everybody else. We kinda get [the scripts] as they come and we’re always super excited to see what’s happening next. We honestly have no idea what’s coming up.”

For her part, Asbille was hopeful for Kayce and Monica’s relationship, but not too convinced. “I hope that they’ll be happy in the end,” she said, “but it’s not likely, to be honest.”

Luke Grimes Shares His Thoughts About Kayce’s Vision Quest On ‘Yellowstone,’ May Leave Dutton Ranch

Essentially, Luke Grimes’ character Kayce Dutton is at a crossroads where “Yellowstone” left off. He can help his family keep their land and lose his wife and son; or he can aid Rainwater and the tribe in getting their land back and lose his family in the process. There are so many ways this whole thing can go.

I for one like to harken back to “1883,” when Spotted Eagle told James Dutton that his 7th generation descendant will come back for their land. James promised they’d give it back, but now John wants to hang onto the land and his entire livelihood. I tend to lean towards the idea that Kayce is the 7th generation Dutton and Spotted Eagle’s 7th generation descendant. He’s linked to the tribe through Monica, after all.

Kayce has to make a choice between losing his father and siblings, or losing his wife and son. He has to leave one for the other. Unless, Kayce can come up with some miraculous third option, but the vision seemed pretty clear that he only had two roads. “Yellowstone” has us totally on our toes, as usual, and the 5th season isn’t even here yet.

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