‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Reveals Where Tate Gets His Characteristic From

He might be the youngest cast member on “Yellowstone,” but Brecken Merrill plays a critical role on the show.

“Yellowstone” fans know Brecken Merrill as the young and curious Tate Dutton, who is getting a crash course on the cattle ranch industry. Tate spends his days on his family’s ranch, mingling with the bunkhouse cowboys and hanging with his grandfather, John Dutton. Tate is the son of Kayce Dutton and Monica Dutton and shares numerous traits with his mother and father. It is easy for viewers to see the characteristics of both Kayce and Monica appear in Tate’s actions. In his most recent social media offering, Brecken Merrill shares a post about his on-screen family. The post shows how Tate takes after both his mother and father in different ways. He also encourages social media users to check out the fourth season of “Yellowstone” when it begins streaming on Peacock in only a week.

“‘Bright and sensitive’ or ‘smart-mouthed brat,’” he writes in the post’s caption space. “Decide for yourself by watching ‘Yellowstone’ on Peacock before season 4 starts streaming on March 24.”

Social media users got a laugh out of Brecken Merrill’s social media post that pokes a little fun at his “Yellowstone” character. The photo calls Monica Dutton “a young mother and teacher married to an outsider.” The post calls Kayce Dutton the “youngest Dutton son; a hot head caught between two families.”

Kayce and Monica brought Tate into the world as a “bright and sensitive boy,” according to the post.

“Yellowstone” fans had plenty to say about Brecken Merrill’s post with many agreeing with the descriptions.

“This sounds about right,” one social media user proclaims. “Love Tate!”

‘Yellowstone’ Will Begin Filming Season Five in the Near Future

Brecken Merrill and the rest of the “Yellowstone” cast will be heading back to Montana in May to begin filming season five. The young and rising star is also one of many cast members exclaiming their excitement to get back to work. He took to social media a few weeks ago to ask fans if they are excited as he is for the modern western series’s return. It is safe to say that practically every “Yellowstone” fan shares Merrill’s enthusiasm.

Tate Dutton will also take on a new role in season five as a big brother with Monica revealing that she is pregnant toward the end of season four. His future storyline could also interweave with that of his father’s after Kayce Dutton goes on a vision quest and tells his wife he saw “the end of us” while in the wilderness.

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