‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Returns for Season 5 Production, Snaps Pic at Dutton Ranch

Back in the Montana mountains. Cole Hauser, and assumingly the rest of the Yellowstone cast are back on site for Season 5. That means the filming and production are going to be underway very soon if it hasn’t already begun. Last season was special. Will the newest season be the best ever?

It looks like Hauser has joined Kelly Reilly, at least, in the Bitterroot Valley where the show is filmed. Yellowstone has some beautiful backdrops. The mountains, tall green grasses, and more make it a little slice of heaven. Perfect for filming.

Near Darby, Montana, the area is just wonderful. There is wildlife, and a huge ranch that houses the entire cast – it makes for some of the best sceneries and shots in all of television.

Check out the post below and see it for yourself.

The Dutton ranch just so happens to be in one of the most beautiful places in America. Both Hauser and Reilly have posted a picture of the grand mountain that stands tall above the valley.

For Yellowstone star Cole Hauser, it wasn’t an occasion to get too emotional and sentimental.
Hey old friend… missed ya!” And fans of the show sure miss new episodes. The fact that Season 5 is getting underway on the production side of things should excite anyone that enjoys watching.

Meanwhile, costar Reilly was posting a brighter and, possibly more hopeful photo from Hauser’s dark and brooding looking picture. She was also a little more poetic with her words, saying “Lily of the valley made it from my garden today to this beautiful valley in Montana. I have missed these mountains so much, this cast and crew and of course her…”

That “her” being the mountains.

‘Yellowstone’ Ready to Reap Rewards of Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly’s Performances

One thing that Yellowstone fans can look forward to this year is seeing their favorite show recognized. The series has boomed in the last year or so. Millions of viewers, new and old have been tuning in. Catching up on episodes, and last season, keeping up for the first time live. The performances of Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly on Yellowstone have launched the show to new heights.

Last season focused a lot on the relationship between Beth and Rip. Those two, with – their adopted son? – Carter were a force. The storytelling and changing dynamics were great to watch week in and week out. Especially when you consider all of the other side stories and chaos surrounding the relationship.

So, a big awards season is going to be on the way. Season 5 is about to get underway as far as filming goes. Is there anything that can stop Taylor Sheridan and Yellowstone? I’m not so sure that there is.

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