‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Announces He Will Be in Upcoming Christmas Movie

What could be better than Christmas spent with Forrie J. Smith? Find out soon, as “Yellowstone”s Lloyd is set to appear in “One Little Angel.”

If “Yellowstone” has proved anything, its how much audiences love Forrie J. Smith. The actor’s become something of a Western icon with the later seasons of the show. And this is no happy accident, either. Smith is a true-to-life rancher and cowboy, and has been all his life. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan brought Smith on, with exactly this in mind, to play the small part of ranch hand Lloyd Pierce in Season 1. Ever since, however, his effortless charm has won over both the show and audiences, cementing him as a series regular and one of “Yellowstone”s most beloved characters.

Fans are learning Friday they’ll have even more of Forrie J. to look forward to in the near future. Posting to his official Instagram today, the star says he “Miscalculated the release date of my new Christmas movie “One Little Angel” in a radio interview, yesterday.🤔”

Within, Smith includes a moody 𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕥 of himself that, well, we wouldn’t exactly expect from a film called “One Little Angel.” Regardless, he’s confirming his involvement with the holiday movie, clarifying “it’ll [release] Christmas of 2022!”

‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith

While we know to expect Smith in “One Little Angel” come Christmas of 2022, that’s about all we know. The film doesn’t appear on his IMDb resume yet. All projects, from small indies to bits on live television, appear on the media giant’s database, so “Angel” is either very early in production, or has fallen completely under the radar. Someone tell Forrie’s agent!

“Yellowstone” fans can, however, expect plenty more from the Western vet come Season 4 Summer of 2021. Ironically, though, details are just as thin on the show’s return as they are for “One Little Angel”… So… What gives, Forrie J.? Hit us with a trailer already!

Recently, Smith did share a behind-the-scenes snap of himself alongside some fellow “Yellowstone” legends on Instagram.

“Mo, Lloyd( Forrie J.) and Rainwater,” Smith captions his previous photo, naming their characters in order. Sound a bit ‘Three Stooges’ to anyone else? We’d never call any of them such a thing to their faces, though. By all accounts, these are three of the finest men in showbusiness. Each brings a remarkable presence and authenticity to “Yellowstone.” And it is safe to say that the show would be far lesser without each of these actors.

They are, of course, Mo’s brilliant, stoic Moses J. Brings Plenty, Lloyd’s fantastic, charming Forrie J. Smith, and Thomas Rainwater’s steely, powerful Gil Birmingham.

View the handsome BTS photo for yourself here, and count down the days with us until “Yellowstone” Season 4.

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