‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly ‘Hardly Spoke to Anybody’ on Set Because of Her Accent

During the most recent episode of “The Official Yellowstone Podcast,” actress Kelly Reilly revealed that she “hardly spoke” to anyone on-set because of her British accent.

Reilly plays the fan-favorite Beth Dutton on the wildly popular Paramount series. It’s hard to describe Beth in a nutshell since she’s one of the most complex characters on television. The daughter of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is a unique and multi-layered character, and that’s an understatement if there ever was one. Beth Dutton is fiery and foul-mouthed, but also as sharp as can be. She’s one of the most loyal and determined characters you’ll ever see on TV, and is the driving force actively protecting the Dutton Ranch.

As much witty dialogue comes out of the Yellowstone star’s mouth each episode, you never once hear Reilly’s native accent. She grew up in London, England, and if you didn’t know until right now that the actress is British, we can’t even fault you. Reilly’s portrayal of Beth, an American born and raised on the Dutton’s Montana ranch, is nothing short of flawless. Yet Reilly’s British accent kept her from speaking to the cast or crew during the early days of the show.

“I hardly spoke to anybody,” Reilly said on the podcast. “It’s not about breaking character. You hear those stories about actors staying in their dialect off-camera. I would admire them, but I’d feel like an idiot speaking [to the cast and crew] in my American accent. I couldn’t make peace with that, it’s just bananas. So it was easier to just not talk, and not let anyone know me for about two seasons.”

Reilly shared that she worked with a dialect coach to get her American accent down pat. She also joked with host Jefferson White, who portrays Jimmy on the series, that everyone involved with Yellowstone probably thought she was super unfriendly. It was simply part of Reilly’s process as she transformed into Beth Dutton.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Amusingly Finds Herself Apologizing to Fellow Actors Before They Film

Reilly joined White for the fifth episode of Yellowstone‘s official podcast recently. The brand new podcast series just debuted last month, so hopefully it will help bridge the gap for fans waiting on the Season 5 premiere.

During one segment of the podcast, the host asked his co-star if she has fun playing Beth. Fans of the Paramount series know Beth is usually chewing someone out and putting them in their place. How could that not be fun when you’re doing that on a weekly basis? However, Kelly Reilly hilariously shared that she often apologizes to her fellow actors before they start filming. But let’s be honest. If you’re filming a scene with Beth Dutton, you should know what to expect these days.

“I have a lot of fun playing Beth. Massive amounts of fun. I mean I do spend a lot of time apologizing in advance to my fellow actors who I’m about to crucify,” the Yellowstone star joked. “But they know what they’re getting into. They’re getting paid for it, so it’s fine.”

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