‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Urges Americans to ‘Go Get in Nature’ for Earth Day 2022

“Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner has an important message for his fans today: Get outside and enjoy some nature on Earth Day.

That’s what Kevin Costner himself is doing, per the “Yellowstone” star’s latest Instagram post. He shared a gorgeous video on Instagram, showing his current location somewhere out in the American West or Southwest. In the video, we see beautiful snow-topped mountains, bald eagles flying, a coiled-up snake, cattle and fences on a ranch, and some stunning red rock.

“Spending #EarthDay in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Go get in nature today,” Kevin Costner captioned his post.

Many fans took to the comments to celebrate earth day with “Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner. Others tried to guess where he’s at based on the video. Costner didn’t tag a location when he uploaded it.

“That’s Utah if I ever saw it…” one fan wrote with a heart-eyes emoji. “Beautiful looks like my backyard here in southern Utah,” another person commented. Someone said they believe he’s in Moab, Utah, where Arches National Park is located.

Either way, it’s a pretty good piece of advice to take, especially on Earth Day.

Kevin Costner’s Co-Stars Discuss His Impact on ‘Yellowstone’ and the Cast

Kevin Costner has starred as John Dutton in four seasons of “Yellowstone,” and the show certainly wouldn’t be the same without him. But Costner doesn’t just have a huge impact on screen. He also inspired his fellow co-stars and cast members in the way he approaches the project.

Luke Grimes and Jefferson White opened up about the “biggest takeaways” they’ve had from working with Kevin Costner earlier this week. The two sat in on the “Yellowstone” panel at the recent Deadline Contenders event. According to CinemaBlend, they said Costner’s hard work and leadership take center stage.

“I would say his worth ethic, how much he really cares,” Grimes shared. “I always say, at the level he’s at, he wouldn’t have to work that hard or care that much. He’s Kevin Costner. He could show up and phone it in and no one would say anything. But he really deeply still cares about the material and about the quality of his work, and how much he invests in making every single scene as good as possible.”

White added, “Yeah, that permeates all the way down the call sheet. He takes it so seriously — it’s such a labor of love for him every day that he’s on set. That energy permeates everybody in the cast and the crew. And it really starts to feel like a personal labor of love for a crew of 150, for a cast of 30. His leadership at the head of that really trickles down in amazing ways.”

It’s inspiring to see Costner lift up his cast members and set such positive examples for them every

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