‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Reacts to Major Character Returning to Profess Love for Kayce

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” got quite a shock a few episodes with the return of a once-prominent character.

Former “Yellowstone” ranch hand Avery is back on the scene in a big way in the fourth season. Jaws were left on the floor when we see Avery strolling out as if she had never left. With her way awesome, flat-bill cowboy hat and gorgeous smile, Avery is very much a welcomed edition. Well, that is by everyone except for Kayce Dutton, who now looks to now have a problem on his hands. As shocked as “Yellowstone” fans were to see Avery, they were equally shocked when she confessed her love for Kayce. It’s a heavily unexpected plot twist but one that will certainly be fun to watch unfold. Well — it will be fun for us, the viewers — Kayce though? Not so much.

In a behind-the-scenes review of the last episode, titled “Keep the Wolves Close” the “Yellowstone” cast talks about their roles. This includes Kayce Dutton actor Luke Grimes and Avery actress Tanaya Beatty. The duo talks about how their characters will move forward with these feelings in mind.

“Avery has caught some feels for him (Kayce),” Beatty says. “And maybe she has had some feels for him for a minute. From my impression, it’s like she developed these feelings for this man and it couldn’t work out. So she went back to her family.”

In the latest episode, we see Kayce remind Avery that he is a married man and intends on keeping it that way. He has some words of wisdom for the young lady regarding her feelings.

“Can’t be love,” he says. “God wouldn’t let you someone who can’t love you back.”

Avery disagrees, saying “Yeah…he would.”

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Talk About Sunday Night’s New Episode

The latest episode was full of twists and turns that are setting up the table for these last three episodes. Certainly, the vibe between Avery and Kayce will factor in. Grimes says Kayce has his guard up and will have to keep it up as long as Avery is around.

“It becomes clear to him that there is definitely something going on there,” he says. “And I need to be kind of careful around this person.”

Beatty says that Avery understands that Kayce has an obligation to his wife and family, but they may not stop her from pursuing this feeling.

“He has other priorities — as he should,” she says. “Which Avery does not love.”

Making matters for Kayce is that his wife, Monica, seems to have picked up on the situation. She shows a little bit of jealousy that could continue to grow if her husband spends more time around Avery.

With only three new episodes remaining, “Yellowstone” fans will want to keep a close eye on this situation.

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