‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Opens Up About Growing Up on Reservation and Childhood

Actor Mo Brings Plenty is known all over the country for his role as “Mo” in the smash hit Western drama Yellowstone. In his heart, however, he’s still a kid from a Native American reservation. The Yellowstone star can’t even believe that there are people who recognize him from the show.

In an interview with Gil Birmingham from Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Mo expressed his excitement for his newfound fame. “For a kid who grew up on a reservation, it’s exciting,” the actor said. “And I’m just thankful for all of the fans, Yellowstone, and the folks that love Yellowstone.”

Though he officially hails from Pine Ridge Reservation, Mo Brings Plenty doesn’t consider himself to be from any one place. Instead, he calls the entire Lakota Nation his childhood home.

“Yeah, my father’s from Pine Ridge Reservation, I was born there,” Mo said. “I spent a great number of years there but my mother’s from the Cheyenne River Reservation which is also another band of the Lakota. It’s in Eagle Beach, South Dakota, the more kind of central part of the state.”

“And so, I spent time there as well with my grandmother. I spent a little bit of time on the Rosebud Reservation too. So I always say I come from the Lakota Nation, because I have relatives on all them reservations and I spend quite a bit of time on each and every one of them.”

Mo Brings Plenty Describes His Favorite Area Near His South Dakota Reservation

Though Mo Brings Plenty has a deep admiration for the entire state of South Dakota, his favorite place by far is Badlands National Park. The 244,000-acre piece of land houses one of the world’s richest fossil beds. It’s also home to a wide variety of wildlife and some truly incredible views.

When asked about his favorite place near the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, Mo Brings Plenty said, “The Badlands… It’s like heaven on earth, it honestly is. It’s the most intriguing spot because it changes.”

“There’s a difference, not only in the scenery, of the Badlands themselves,” Mo added. “They change colors, they change from morning to evening. The change is also in the air.”

“I often think about the past whenever I’m there but it brings so much peace to me. I just love that area. The Badlands is an amazing place. I mean, I love the black hills, don’t get me wrong. I love the black hills. But the Badlands? That’s heaven on earth.”

Honestly, we have to agree with Mo. With its expansive skies, lush greenery, and rugged mountains and rock formations, it’s hard to beat Badlands National Park.

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