‘Yellowstone’ Stars Wendy Moniz, Mo Brings Plenty Promoted to Series Regulars for Season 5

A lot of great casting news has come out for Yellowstone Season 5 and fans should be very excited about some returning characters. Stars Wendy Moniz and Mo Brings Plenty, will be moving from recurring to regular characters in the series. That means more tension with Broken Rock and possibly from the governor herself. So get ready because it feels like there are big plans for the new chapter in the show.

While Season 4 has yet to go through the awards season this year, Season 5 is already underway. Some details have emerged as actors and others made their way to the Dutton ranch in Montana. Deadline reported the new cast changes and updates. With some time to go until we ever see the first episode of the new season, these little details make the wait not seem so long… or does it make it worse? I’m not so sure.

Whenever Mo is involved, things are going to get spicy on Yellowstone. It’s well-known the conflict that the Duttons and the reservation have with one another. A classic tale of the West, set in modern times. It’s provided a lot of drama, action, and even violence so far.

Of course, there’s Governor Lynelle Perry, played by Moniz. As the governor, Perry is going to get to know John Dutton a lot more, I think. If Dutton is really going to pursue politics – then I’m sure he’s going to get to know the ins and outs, and all the characters involved.

For these two recurring characters since the start, this promotion to regular cast members is something worth noting. It’s going to add a different dynamic to the story. That wasn’t the only casting news that was shared, either.

‘Yellowstone’ Adds Lainey Wilson to the Cast

Season 5 is going to be full of huge stars and it isn’t just Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly, either. This season they decided to up the stakes and go get another big name that many Yellowstone fans will love. Season 5 is going to feature the one and only, country music singer – Lainey Wilson.

In the series, she’s going to be playing a musician named “Abby.” Of course, Wilson has had her music featured on the show in the past, and more is on the way. So, to get on the camera as a character, well, that’s going to add a little more to the singer’s connection to the show.

Yellowstone and country music. What’s better than that? Getting a chance to see Wilson take a role on the show is going to be awesome. We can’t wait to see what trouble “Abby” gets into. Just don’t let her get into it with Beth…that’s not good for anyone.

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