‘Yellowstone’ to Be First of Many ‘Super Franchises’ for Paramount, Network Exec Says

The Taylor Sheridan universe is filling out on Paramount+, and the streaming platform is only hoping to go up from here. Paramount is looking to create what they’re calling “super franchises”; the “Yellowstone” franchise–which just announced its season 5 premiere date–is just the beginning of that plan.

Jo Ann Ross, Paramount ad sales chief, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently; she explained Paramount Global’s upfront presentation at Carnegie Hall. Ross commented on what makes Paramount a “must-buy” for marketers, plus why streaming has been such a draw.

“We are a known entity; people know where to go within the Paramount universe to get the audience they want, and to hit the demos they want to hit,” said Ross. Additionally, she explained what Paramount is doing with “super franchises,” and what their aim is for the future.

“We are looking at more opportunities down the road where you can buy across the board,” said Ross. “And that is what we have done with ‘Yellowstone’; and I assume we will do something similar with the Taylor Sheridan universe, as we continue to get into business with him, and we are looking at other opportunities across our business as well.”

Essentially, Paramount is looking to establish “Yellowstone” imagery across a number of platforms and services. This makes it a staple of television; more than it already is. Ross continued, “Because we own the IP along with Taylor, we are able to do a lot with it […] and have the images be ingrained in the programming.”

These “super franchises,” where multiple shows exist alongside each other in a universe-like collection, will definitely bring in the viewers. Taylor Sheridan’s universe–“Yellowstone,” “1883,” “6666,” and now “1932“–made a huge splash with fans across the board. If Paramount can recreate that base with other series, it’s in for a windfall.

‘Yellowstone’ Creator Announces New Series for Paramount

Taylor Sheridan’s studio recently announced that he has yet another series in the works for Paramount; “American Tragedy: The Waco Trials.” Sheridan’s 101 Studios announced the new series at the Paramount Upfront event at Carnegie Hall recently.

“Yellowstone” and the Taylor Sheridan universe were the forefront of the presentation; they announced the stars for “1932”–Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren–as well as the new series on the Waco trials. According to the presentation, “American Tragedy: The Waco Trials” will focus on “the wide-ranging fallout succeeding the tragic events that took place in Waco, TX, and the uneven scales of justice the surviving Branch Davidians faced.”

The studio made sure to note that the series is under a working title; but, the show is aiming to explore a tragic piece of Texas history all the same. Not much more was announced about the series besides the synopsis, though. All in all, we’re still not sure how Taylor Sheridan does it.

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