‘Yellowstone’: Why There Are More Fans Than You’d Think on ‘Team Jamie Dutton’ Since Season 4 Ended

There’s no more divisive character on Yellowstone than Jamie Dutton, and swaths of fans are coming to his defense amidst all the hate.

“Why is it people seem to side with Beth?” is a question for the ages. Yellowstone continues to craft one of the most intense sibling rivalries in television history between Beth and Jamie Dutton, and Beth is the “obvious” choice when it comes to this feud’s “winner.”

But many fans, such as this Reddit user, find Jamie to be a far more empathetic character. “Am I the only one who is on Jamie’s side? It’s clear he is not loved like the other siblings, Beth is awful to him, he has given up his own life and career to support the ranch. Why is it people seem to side with Beth?” they ask over on the Yellowstone board.

It’s worth noting that this particular fan is watching Yellowstone for the first time, and has only experienced Jamie Dutton up to Season 4, Episode 1, as they cite. But buckle up regardless, because if you’re a Jamie sympathizer yourself, you’re about to be in full company.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Rush to Jamie’s Defense

 Right off the bat, fellow Redditor T-Ferguson chimes in with “I’m team Jamie. Aside from Casey (sic), they treated him like sh*t and continue to do it…I’m waiting for Jaime to snap and murder everyone so I can be like, ‘Well, what did you expect?’”

“Yep, team Jamie,” another Redditor replies. “I won’t go into detail, since it’s been done before on here, but I think I understand almost everything he’s done after being thrown into horrible situations. Almost. Still outweighs the bad.”

Redditor AmericanWanderlust adds that they “love Jamie, probably because he’s been so mistreated the entire series that it’s hard not to have sympathy for him, even when he does rotten stuff. He is far less odious than literally every other member of his family, including Kayce who is a killer (don’t kid yourselves). I want to see him triumph over these jackasses in the end.”

All valid points. But there’s one key defense staunch Jamie Dutton haters use to damn the Yellowstone black sheep.

Is Jamie a Cold-Blooded Killer? More-so Than His Adopted Family?

That defense? Jamie Dutton is a “cold-blooded killer.” Let’s examine.

“I don’t know what you’ll think and how you’ll feel at the end of season 4, but I battled back and forth for a while, with many of them including Jamie. While I find Beth detestable, I respect her loyalty and convictions. Even those [blood Duttons] that have killed understood their oath and faced their necessary evil. There is something honorable about the likes of Beth, Rip, or Lloyd,” they begin.”

Jamie Dutton, however, “is weak, impressionable, and incredibly desperate. Let’s remember that he committed the most cold blooded murder of them all, with nothing but panic and worry, notably for himself,” they cite.

“Whether it was the Duttons, his biological father, or simply his own fabricated insecurities, he’s unsure of who he is and that is scary. The only thing more dangerous than an evil man is an evil man that believes he’s a good man. Jamie makes my skin crawl.”

That’s hard to argue with, isn’t it? Sure, Jamie had a motivation to do what he did to reporter Sarah Nguyen. But as The2econdSpitter pinpoints, Jamie lashed out and took a life in cold blood to protect himself, his image, and his livelihood. There was no “greater good” here or clearing of a “scum of the earth” character. It was just Jamie Dutton, a reporter doing her job that he helped do so initially, and one of the most brutal murders in Yellowstone history.

And, well, just wait until you finish the rest of Yellowstone Season 4. We’ll see how you feel about Jamie then. Yet no matter how many haters the man has, there will always be more staunch defenders of one Jamie Dutton.

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