‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly on Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren Starring in Prequel ‘1932’: ‘I Want to Be In It’

Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly was only a tiny bit jealous that she won’t get to star with Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford in the new prequel show “1932.” Okay, maybe super jealous would be more accurate.

The “Yellowstone” star recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the “1932” news that dropped earlier this week. Though Kelly Reilly is currently in Montana filming “Yellowstone” Season 5, she still wishes she could have some part to play in the upcoming prequel series.

“I just found out about this yesterday, and I wanna be in it,” Reilly told ET. “Which is impossible. But they’re my ancestors. I mean, it started with Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill] and Isabel [May].”

McGraw, Hill, and May played the very first Dutton ancestors in “1883,” a prequel show that debuted this past December. Instead of renewing it for a second season, Paramount decided to move forward with “1932,” following a new generation of “Yellowstone” ancestors.

Reilly, who first worked with Helen Mirren at 16 years old on “Prime Suspect,” greatly admires the acting legend. And she can’t wait to see her become a Dutton.

“[Mirren] was incredible. She was fierce, brilliant, and everything I wanted to be as an actor. You know, full of courage and heart,” Reilly said. “And the fact that she is such a big fan of the Yellowstone universe and the writing… and the fact that she is now gonna be playing one of Beth Dutton’s ancestors… it’s a really sweet thing and I’m so excited to see it.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Calls ‘1932’ Stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford ‘Acting Heroes’

When asked if she had any advice for “1932” star Helen Mirren, “Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly confirmed that “she doesn’t need it.”

“She’s so smart, and it doesn’t surprise me that this is up her street at all,” Reilly explained. “These fiery women fighting for their land and doing it with soul and grit. And if you think about those characters… [Mirren’s] got such sovereignty and a regality but also she can kick it to the dirt as well.”

She added, “So I feel very excited for Taylor Sheridan that he’s going to get to work with her. It’s two giants.”

Make that three. Sheridan and Mirren certainly have their merits, but let’s not forget about Harrison Ford either. He joins the rank of fellow legends Kevin Costner and Sam Elliott as leading men in the “Yellowstone” universe.

“Harrison Ford … I mean these are acting heroes of mine,” Reilly revealed. “I will definitely be coming on a set visit there and saying hello.”

The “Yellowstone” star ended her interview by explaining how all of these spinoff shows, like “1932,” wouldn’t have happened without the fans’ support.”

“It’s a testament to the fans because you’re only as good as how many people are watching the show,” Reilly said. “If they didn’t show up for our Season 2, then we wouldn’t have been making Season 3. And the fact that we’ve just been climbing and climbing and now people can’t ignore us… you know, wer’e here.”

And hopefully here to stay.

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