‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Posts Epic Concert Photo With Message to Fans Ahead of Homestead Festival Concert

If you think about it, is there anyone cooler than Yellowstone star Kevin Costner? His career is full of awesome highlights. It isn’t just acting, either. Although he is a distinguished and award-winning actor on the big and small screen, Costner has a side gig. Music.

Kevin Costner & Modern West have traveled all over the place playing their music. They have done a lot of music from Yellowstone and Costner’s shows always seem to draw a large crowd. His latest post on Instagram shows a moment from his show and a message to fans.

“Nothing beats getting to meet and perform for you guys at our [Modern West] shows. We’re heading to [Homestead Festival] outside of Nashville at the beginning of June. Will we be seeing you there?” the caption reads.

If Kevin Costner is bringing the sounds of Yellowstone and more to Nashville then I’m sure a large crowd is going to show up. That sounds like the perfect match. The only thing better would be a concert out in Montana where the show itself is filmed.

For all of you Outsiders that are die-hard Yellowstone fans, is this something that you want to see one day? It seems like a no-brainer for Dutton fans and Costner fans in general. I don’t think it gets more intimate with an actor like that than at one of these shows.

From the TV screen to the stage. Costner keeps entertaining fans in new and exciting ways. As John Dutton or with the Modern West. It’s never a bad choice, no matter which you go with. He’s one of a kind, and it isn’t just me that thinks that. ask his costars.

‘Yellowstone’ Costar Praises Kevin Costner

When you work alongside Kevin Costner on Yellowstone it can be a bit nerve-wracking. After all, he is who he is. He’s been there, done that, and did it again. Kelsey Asbille was quick to give Costner high praise. He isn’t like anyone else, and there aren’t many like him coming up in Hollywood if any.

“The man is a living legend,” Asbille said. “He’s a true movie star, and they don’t make ’em like him anymore. So, I think that there’s an aspect of, you’re constantly … I guess forever starstruck is a good way to say it.”

Forever starstruck… do you think that ever gets in the way of filming? Joking aside, Costner has been a force in Hollywood for decades. He has his credentials, and no one has to ask what they are. Yellowstone is just another moment where the actor is showing us what he’s made of. Season 5 is going to be anther example of his great talent.

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