’Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes Declares the Dutton Name Is Now ‘Iconic’

Nearly everyone knows the Dutton family, and “Yellowstone” star Luke Grimes knows we know. They’re a household name now, synonymous with rich land, sprawling pastures, sweeping mountain views, and Beth’s razor sharp one-liners. So, what’s the secret behind the immense popularity of “Yellowstone,” which is heading into its 5th season? Why do people from all backgrounds love it so much?

In a recent interview with Gold Derby, Luke Grimes–who recently gave us a hint as to what Kayce Dutton’s visions on “Yellowstone” could mean–explained a little bit about why the Dutton name has become “iconic.” When asked if fans have ever spoken to him about the aspirational nature of the Dutton family, and how they live inside their own little bubble, Grimes replied, “The last name ‘Dutton’ is almost iconic at this point. You say that and people know who you’re talking about.”

He continued, “It represents something, and I think we’d all kind of love to have a family dynamic that was that strong. You know, we look out for each other that much, and there’s just something […] aspirational, but I think everyone else is in on the ‘wink wink’ of it all. The ‘this isn’t real life,’ there’s some melodrama to this story but it is just so satisfying.”

That right there might be the secret to “Yellowstone”; it’s melodramatic and operatic, but the stories are also satisfying to watch. Same with soap operas; they go on for years and years, because people love watching them. The stories are outrageous and on the verge of unbelievable, but people keep coming back. The same with “Yellowstone.” It’s an aspirational story, a kind of exaggeration of western life, but the people love it. They’re living their cowboy dreams vicariously through “Yellowstone.”

Luke Grimes Talks About ‘Yellowstone’s Universal Popularity

In the same interview with Gold Derby, Luke Grimes also spoke about why so many people love “Yellowstone,” and how it’s bridged gaps between different types of people with varying interests. The show doesn’t take sides politically, and just tells its stories.

“In the beginning […] it wasn’t as big as it is now, because people see a cowboy hat and a gun and a horse and assume ‘red state’ or assume this is what that’s gonna be or be about,” said Grimes. “I think as far as Westerns go, ‘Yellowstone’ is very intelligent, it’s not answering any questions about political views. It’s raising some questions. It’s talking about very specific lifestyles but not preaching anything. And I think once people realize that ‘oh, this show isn’t trying to tell me how to believe or how to feel, it’s just a good Western for Western’s sake.’ And I think because of the family dynamics and the big themes that everyone can relate to, that the audience has finally become sort of the coasts and the middle.”

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