You Gotta Hear James Gunn and Charlie Kaufman’s Pitch for ‘Gilligan’s Island’

Well, this is one reboot I would be first in line to watch…

We all know that everything in Hollywood is based on intellectual property now. Executives are lazy, and so are audiences. They want things that people immediately recognize and watch because they’ve heard of it before.

Of course, this requires ignoring that Squid Game is the most popular show in the world, but I digress. If Hollywood is a game, then sometimes you have to play by the rules. 

That’s why I was so bummed we will never get to see James Gunn and Charlie Kaufman’s version of classic Gilligan’s Island.

Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Well, it’s a little movie based on the popular TV show, in which the people on the island run out of food, and begin to eat each other. 

Gunn announced the existence of the project on a viral Twitter thread where you were supposed to pitch a movie using two images. He pitched this version, then told the story behind the project. 

It turns out, they had the blessing of the studio, but show producer Sherwood Schwartz was against it. But eventually, Schwartz passed away, and it looked like the door was open.  

Gunn wanted to do it after his huge success after Guardians of the Galaxy and Warner Bros. was all over it. Even Kaufman was excited to do it. It’s hard to imagine how much fun these two bonkers minds making a movie together could have been. But again, Schwartz’s estate blocked the film. 

No matter what, Gunn is not ready to give up. He left the door open for the estate if they ever want to embrace the surreal and weird idea of a Cannibal Gilligan.

Would you have loved to have seen this too? Or am I alone on this island? Let me know in the comments.

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